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Q: What are the sides effects of vinegar when applied to head?
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How are electrodes applied in ECT?

The electrodes may be placed on both sides of the head (bilateral) or one side (unilateral)

How did Jack mom fixed his head with vinegar and brown paper?

Jack mom fixed his head with vinegar and brown paper by wrapping it around his head

What is head trauma?

Head trauma is when you injure your head. It happens when hard force is applied to your head.

Why does a macaw move its head?

Their eyes are on the sides of their head!

Your hair grows on top of your head but not back or sides or front why?

it does grow on the sides and back of your head it is just underneath the hair from the top of your head :)

Does vinegar kill headlice?

Yes vinegar is very good for the removal of head lice, and it also damages their eggs.

What flavor vinegar do you use with head cheese?

Just use any white vinegar. It will not discolor the transparent gelatin.

Can you use vinegar on head lice?

first you get hot water and then you put vinegar and put a bag over you hair

Which head bolts need a sealant applied to them on a 454 big block?

Which head bolts need asealant applied to them on a 454 big block?

How would your mom fixed your head injury with vinegar and brown paper?

Your mom would have fixed your head injury with vinegar and brown paper by applying it gently on affected areas.

How many sides does bald head lighthouse have?

How many sides does a lighthouse have

Where are the eyes on a chickadee?

On the sides of the head.

What shap as four sides no sides parallel and no sides perpendicular?

A kite and an arrow head are 2 of them

Is the brain in the front of the head?

The brain is in the back, sides, and front of the head.

Which nursery rhyme has to do with hot milk and vinegar?

Possibly from Jack and Jill..He went to bed to mend his head with vinegar and brown paper

In the nursery rhyme how was Jack's head treated after he had fallen down the hill?

"... wrapped his head in vinegar and brown paper."

Does an arrow head have all equal sides?


Where are my ears?

I'm hoping on the sides of your head.

Where are giraffes eyes?

On different sides of head

Where is the whale sharks eyes?

At the sides of its head.

Medical benefit of talisay leaf?

The whole talisay tree is said to be beneficial. One use of the leaves is to induce sweating. When applied to the sides and head, it is both refreshing and sudorific, causing you to sweat.

The pain is on the top to the sides of my head. What type of headache do I suffer from?

Top of head

How do you clean a shower head with hard water deposits?

#1: Remove shower head. #2: Place shower head in bowl or bucket large enough to submerge shower head. #3: Fill bowl or bucket with enough cider vinegar to cover shower head. #4: Wait for it. #5: Occasionally test shower head before dumping out vinegar.

How are clip in hair extensions applied?

To apply hair clips in extensions you need to part your hair from ear to ear to apply the shortest extension! Be sure to keep the rest of your hair separate! Attach shorter pieces to the sides of your head, and the longer pieces to the back of your head.

Is it true that the eye sockets are at the sides of the head for a herbivore?