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What are the sides of a penny called?

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The front of a penny (Lincoln's profile) or the front of any coin is called the obverse or heads side, the back of a coin is known as the reverse or tails side. There is no jargon for the side or edge of a coin. Some coins have a ridge around the edge. The process for producing that ridge is ''milling''. Also, the corrugated edge of a coin, such as the quarter, is called a ''reeded edge''. The process for creating it is called ''knurling'' or, sometimes, just ''milling''.

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What is a penny with two tails on both sides called?

A fake.

Why is a wheat penny called a wheat penny?

Because of the "wheat ears" on the reverse of the coin; Left and right sides closest to the edge. They were issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincolns birth.

What is a penny with a bird on it called?

a penny with a bird on it

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What was a penny called in 1066?

The British Penny has been called a Penny since it was first issued in the late 8th century AD.

How much was the penny black?

It was black and it cost One Penny, that is why it is called the Penny Black.

What is the value of a 1961 penny having Lincoln on both sides?


Why is the Penny Black stamp called that?

It was blackIt cost a pennyIt was quickly replaced with the Penny Red.

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Nothing- return it to the store where you got it. These have been showing up in penny rolls. it is play money.

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What is the price of a 1962 penny that has Lincoln on both sides?

It's called a magician's coin and sells for a few dollars in novelty shops. They're made by cutting apart two genuine coins, then swapping and re-joining the sides.

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Is there a quarter minted 1980 with Lincoln on both sides?

Washington is on the quarterLincoln is on the pennyYou have what's called a magician's coin. See the Related Question for more details.

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