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What are the signs a girl is playing you?

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Here are some signs: She doesn't keep dates with you or phones to cancel them. She never discusses where she has been if she hasn't turned up. You don't see her for a week or more and she doesn't call. She flirts with other guys when she's with you. She's secretive and discusses very little with you as far as your relationship. She will not commit to a permanent relationship with you without explanation. She expects you to be there at her every whim. You find you are spending more money on her than you counted on. She doesn't answer your calls when you phone her. If she is with you and appears her thoughts are on someone else then it's probably true. Before you decide if this girl is playing you like a fish, I'd take the mature route and sit down with her alone and start communicating. Sometimes people have problems, or they've had a bad past and find it difficult to get into a serious relationship. She could simply just be a very independent young woman, could be studying hard, or, as you fear, she could be playing you. When you talk to her listen! So often men don't stop and listen to women and then wonder why women go off with another guy. If you think her reasons are validated then be mature enough to be patient and help her out (that is, if you love her enough.) Don't be egotistical enough to second-guess what this young woman is up too. Have that talk!

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What are the signs of having a girl?

There are no specific signs. all you can know about it is that your doctor tells you.

Signs a girl is angry with a guy?

They are mean to you!

How do you get latios on Pokemon guardian signs if you are a girl?

you can not

What are the signs that a shy girl has lost interest in you?

The signs that a shy girl has lost intrest of you is when she starts to not hang around you anymore or that much or when she is not talking to you or about you to anyone.

Can you be the girl ranger in Pokemon guardien signs?

you have to restart your game and then choose girl

What are signs to show that a girl likes you?

The signs are the nodding, the body language, how she talks to you, and how she messes with hair.

Signs a girl is jealous of you hugging another girl?

They will usually try to tell you to stop hanging out with the girl.

What are the signs that a girl is a virgin?

There are no signs that a girl is a virgin, you'd only know if you asked her. There is no clear definition of what makes a virgin. Virginity is about valuing women who have not had sex.

What signs a girl likes you?

A girl can exhibit many signs when she likes a person. She may initiate more contact, speak to the person more often, and flirt.

How do i know if a girl likes me what are the signs about 10 signs?

To know if a girl likes you or not, simply observe her attitude and behavior towards you, and how much she is willing to engage you in a conversation.

What are the Signs of a mu slim married girls?

there r no specific signs for a married or unmarried girl in islam.

What signs do you look for in a girl?

The signs are the nodding, the hair messing, the staring, the certain talking, and the body language.

Signs that a guy has a crush on a girl?

No he does not hav sex

If you like a girl do you ask her if she likes you?

well if thers signs she might like you you shode ask her but she can also be playing hard to get so she might not show it but i think you should ask her

Are these signs a girl is into you?

The signs that a girl is into you include her smiling every time she sees you. You may find that she comes up with reasons to talk to you or she wants to be involved in the same things you are.

How can a scorpion boy get an aquarian girl?

Forget birth signs and just get out and meet a nice girl. There is no correlation between certain birth signs getting along with another person. There can be good and bad individuals in all birth signs.

What are signs that a girl is jealous of other girl?

If that girl makes up hate propaganda against the other girl, this is a good indication that she is jealous.

Signs a guy does not like a girl?

well if the girl asks him out and he says no...thats a good one

If a guy is showing you all the signs that he likes you what is stopping him from asking you to be his girl?

It's up to the girl.

What are the signs that a girl finds a guy attractive?

The signs of when a girl finds a boy attractive is when the girl looks at you often, when she laughs at everything at you say, when she tries to get your attention by walking past you or laughing, and when she constantly talk to you but with a nervous tone.

What are the signs if your crush likes another girl?

If your crush likes another girl, he will tease that girl, and stare at her all the time.

What are the signs that a girls likes you?

The signs for a girl liking you would be a list of the following: # They hang out with you alot # They flirt with you # They always offers you to come to a party # They smile when ever they see you # If they blush they might like you ther are many signs of a girl liking you!!!

What are the signs that a 14 year old boy is a player?

The signs are that he is with a different girl all the time and he flirts with everybody.

Ways that a guy is playing a girl?

A guy is playing a girl when he uses her to get something/someone else.

Signs a girl is interested in you?

She laghs at you, she smiles, and then you ask here out!