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ist a crankhaft positioning sensor.. rear or engine block..1 10mm bolt hold it in.. acts like a fuel problem.. whats weird is the car has spark but wont start.. there around $70 at auto zone or advanced auto parts.. you will have to change the connector to the sensor.. the one from advance comes with the zone charges another $25 for the connector

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โˆ™ 2011-10-28 18:06:18
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Q: What are the signs of a bad fuel filter on a dodge neon highline 1995 when your gas gets low and you put more in it then it acts like its not getting enough gas and stalls than after 30 min it will ru?
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When you change the fuel filter will car still start and cut off?

if changing the fuel filter, and it still stalls out. you have a problem with the fuel not getting to engine.

Why does Plymouth neon stalls?

Bad fuel filter

What is wrong when a 95 Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off when stopped and acts like it is not getting gas?

When a 1995 Toyota Camry stalls and cuts off while it is at a stop idling, it is likely a delivery problem. When the car acts like it is not getting enough gas, a clog or dirty filter are likely the culprit. It could also be a fuel line problem where denting from road debris has caused crimping to impede the flow of fuel to the engine.

My Craftsman weedeater starts and goes dead. What is wrong with it?

The carburetor needs to be cleaned out. It is only getting enough fuel to start it. It doesn't get enough fuel to keep running, so it stalls out.

Stalls starved for gas 1993 s10?

replace the fuel filter

Chevy S10 stalls at 2000Rpm when driving?

Replace the fuel filter.

Stalls on acceleration?

Could be as simple as a plugged fuel filter. Or faulty coil.

Car stalls at junctions when cold?

Have fuel filter or fuel injector checked..

Your blaster stalls when you engage the throttle?

clean jets and check fuel filter

When you block a blow off valve and it stalls what does that mean?

that means you have good vacuum and you shouldn't do that to your car.... your car isn't getting enough air in the engine... so it stalls, kinda like someone pluging up your mouth and nose... cant happen bud

Why does Engine stalls when in low gear?

check for vacuum leak or dirty fuel filter

Why does my 1994 cavalier stalls when coming to a stop sometimes?

i had that problem with mine. the problem was an intake vaccuum leak. the engine wasnt getting enough air sucked in at idle and stalling out.

Why would 1984 TC FI not start unless pressed on gas and stalls when idling even after replacing fuel filter air filter O2 sensor cap and rotor spark plugs spark plug wires and checked the PCV valve?

Check the fuel pressure. You may need to buy a fuel pressure gauge. If the fuel pressure is low you might not be getting enough fuel to the cylinders.

What does it mean when your car stalls when its raining?

When your car stalls when its raining, it may be getting water in the distributor cap. Make sure the cap is on properly.

Why is my 1987 truck stalling i had my oil oil filter fuel filter air filter and engine belts replaced yesterday today it stalls at idle?

because it's a peice of junk

Your 1994 ford ranger stalls while driving you have replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs?

yes and no did not changed fuel filter

My 1990 F150 runs for a while on the front fuel tank then eventually stalls but runs fine on the rear tank. Is it the filter or pump or something else?

More than likely its the pump getting ready to die. If it were just a filter problem, it would stall all of the time.

Why does my Snowblower start then stalls?

If it will re-start after a few minutes and then stall again, the problem is probably a fuel restriction - check the fuel filter or look for an obstruction somewhere in the fuel line (kinks, etc). If it stalls because it is flooding, check and/or replace the air filter and/or the spark plug.

Why does the nurse stall in Romeo and Juliet?

the nurse stalls because she does not like the whole idea of Juliet and romeo getting married the nurse stalls because she does not like the whole idea of Juliet and romeo getting married

1995 Camry hard to start at times an stalls on acceleration?

Check the Camry air filter for a clog. Check the ignition for a weak output, and the fuel filter for a clog.

1991 buick regal ltd with a 3.8 v6 engine that stalls after starting has a rough idle as if not getting enough fuel or spark to each cylinder upon acceleration hesitates?

you may have a vacuum leak

560sl starts then stalls right away?

My 1998 E320 did this. Dealer charged me $1,100 for the fuel pump and filter.

2000 gmc jimmy engine stalls while driving?

One reason that a 2000 GMC Jimmy engine stalls while driving could be your filter needing to be changed. The problem could also be a bad sensor.

92 Pontiac transport after drivng for 45 minutes it stalls out but will start right up but cant put in drive it will stall out then after it cools it will drive again?

Sounds like gas filter getting plugged with rust or something. Then after being down for while the rust falls off filter and starts until gas pressure plugs the filter again with dirt or rust or whatever.

Quad starts and runs but has no power and stalls?

Dirt in the carb, Dirty plugged up fuel filter, Dirty plugged up air filter,