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On a 1987 Chevy pickup 350 what wire is used for a tach not hei?

negative side of the coil

How do you change pickup coil on 1978 Chevy pickup?

u have to pull the whole distributer to change the pickup coil

How voltage is induced in a permanent magnet pickup coil as the reluctor approaches alignment with the pickup coil.?

The Hall effect.

On an 86 Toyota truck what should the pickup coil resistance be?

Distributor pickup coil resistance 140-180 ohms.

How to test pickup coil 1990 chevy pickup?

hey are located inside the distributor and function as the trigger for the ignition system to produce spark. The pickup coil monitors the rotation

How is voltage induced in the distributor pickup coil as the reluctor high point approaches alignment with the pickup coil?

The coil charges with electricity, and as the reluctor hits the high point, it releases all the energy at once.

How do you change pickup coil on a 1988 GMC 2500 pick up?

Remove Distributor,remove drive gear,remove shaft,remove pickup coil.

What are P90's on a guitar?

A type of pickup. Made by Gibson, they are a single-coil pickup.

Where is the pickup coil on 1991 Mazda b2600i?

The B2600i does not have a pickup coil, it uses a hall effect sensor located inside the distributor to trigger spark. K6

What are the signs of a bad coil?

A bad coil is usually a dead coil. The are generally thought of as on or off.

Why is your 1992 Toyota pickup not getting spark to the coil?

No input voltage to the coil or the coil is bad. Check the distributor for issues and the wires.

Where is the ignition coil on a 1986 Chevy silverado pickup truck?


On an hss strat what does the humbucker do and is it a dual pickup setup or is it one pickup one humbucker?

The humbucker is a dual coil pickup that drastically reduces noise versus single coil pickups. A humbucker is also less bright than a single coil pickup. The selector switch is 5 way Position 1: Humbucker Position 2: Split coil humbucker (like a single coil) Position 3: Middle Position 4: Middle and Neck (like a humbucker) Position 5: Neck

90 geo storm with no spark you changed the coil and the ecm what should you check?

check the pickup coil. that was the prob

Do single coil guitar pickups have to have an unbroken copper coil in order to work?

A single coil pickup can possibly work with a break in the copper, but usually there will be a problem with the sound in some way i.e. weak or cutting in and out. You can either repair an obvious accessible break with solder, but if the break's location is unknown, you will need to rewind the whole coil. There are several companies that you can mail your pickup to who will rewind or alter a pickup for you.

Why will your 1998 Chevy 1500 pickup not start when it is wet outside?


How do you change a pick up coil on a 88 GMC 2500 pickup?

how to changr pick up coil 88 vandura

What is the Comanche Coil?

From what i have read a Comamche Coil is a rope that when around the horses belly. When the Indians of the plains rode bareback they sliped there knees under the rope and held on the rope.

How do you install an emg pickup on a guitar but the guitar has one pickup only?

if you have one humbucker pickup slot on your guitar you use one EMG 81 pickup or another active pickup of your choice. if your guitar only has single coil pickups, buy EMG single coil pickups. if you have already bought humbuckers and have a single coil pick up guitar, you have a problem. you must: a) buy a new guitar b) sell your humbucker EMG set and buy the single coil c) use a router to make space in your guitar for the pickup (which is a bad idea unless your a very experienced woodworker or know one well) - shred til your dead

A wiring diagram for a 1986 Mitsubishi pickup?

coil and disribuitor elecrtic wireing?

What would make a jeep Comanche pick up not have any fire to the plugs?

It can be the ciner on bellhousin or bad coil

What does HSS mean in Fender guitars?

It Stands for the pickup arrangement on the guitar; H- Humbucker S- Single coil S- Single coil :)

Does a 1987 Cadillac brougham have front coil springs?

yes front coil springs with front shocks on a 1987 cadillac brougham rear wheel drive

Why would there be no spark when I have already replaced the coil the crank position sensor and the ignition module on a 1987 Nissan d21 pickup with 3.0 engine?

The computer maybe fubar(no good)? have you checked the plug wires distributor cap and rotor? could be the distributor its self or possably the pick up coil

1974 Chevy 350 motor starts but then quits?

check your rotor & pickup coil