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What are the signs of a guy likeing you?


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September 13, 2011 9:15PM

Some signs that a guy likes you are

-he will always try to talk/be around you, and sometimes make up dumb excuses to do this.

-You will catch him staring at you, and when you do he will quickly look away, once you look away, he will stare at you again.

-He is nice to you, and respects you.

-when talking with him he usually will make eye contact, and if you can see clearly his puples may dialate depending on the room lighting

-he tells you or one of your friends he likes you

-his body language shows that he is leaning towards you, chest pointing in your direction when you are have a conversation

-he talks to you more than any other girls

-he will make jokes or tease you, but not with anything that would hurt your feelings