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There are several signs that a raccoon may display if it is sick. Sick signs include foaming at the mouth, discharge from the mouth and eyes, trouble breathing, vomiting, weakness, slow movement, aggressiveness, and being out during the day.

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What are the signs of being sick?

the signs of being sick are having a headake or feeling queezy

How old is rj from over the hedge?

RJ is a adult Raccoon. He shows all the signs and markings of a fully mature Raccoon.

Can you get sick if a raccoon is sick?

Yes, raccoons can carry a number of diseases that can be transmitted to humans, including rabies and roundworms.

What is a raccoon allergic to?

I'm not sure what raccoons are allergic to but, I know if dogs consume raccoon urine they can get very sick with a disease and is sometimes fatal.

What are signs that your ready to get anointing of the sick?

If a person is on his death bed and really sick and just waiting for God's call to breath their last indicates signs to get annointing of the sick.

Can a dog get sick from smelling dog raccoon or possum urine?

no, dont worry

If a raccoon is out during the day is it sick?

No, they are not nocturnal, and move around day/night.

Will a raccoon kill another raccoon?

Yes, but the conditions under which it will occur are rare. A mother raccoon will kill to protect her kits (pups).Yes if the other racoon is smaller sick or hurt then yes!T

What the signs in anointing of the sick?

the healing

What is signs of a turtle being sick?

When they show signs of loss of appetite and inactivity.

Signs of pregency?

The signs of pregency is that maybe u could feel sick and throw up

Signs and symbols of anointing of the sick?

laying on hands

What are the signs of a sick guine pig?

That depends on what is wrong with it.

What are signs of a sick chameleon?

it wont change colors

What do you do when a raccoon chases you?

A normal, healthy raccoon will not chase you unless provoked. They avoid human confrontations. An animal that is sick with rabies or distemper has brain damage and may attack unprovoked, however.

Do you feel sick with first signs of labor?

Yes, many people feel sick at the beginning and throughout labour

What are sick dogs warning signs?

Lots of signs some are vomiting, diahera, not eating, not moving around as much.

Do raccoons attack people?

A normal, healthy raccoon will avoid human contact. They will fight if cornered, however, if a person tries to capture them. Only a sick raccoon suffering from rabies might attack a human.

Is a headache a sign or a symptom?

Headaches are signs and symptoms because your getting a sign of being sick and a sypmtom of a sign (from being sick).

Could certain smells making you feel sick and things tasting different be signs of pregnancy?

Yes this could be signs of pregnancy.

How do you know if a anole is sick?

well first if there brown it doesnt mean that whenever there brown there sick but if there brown and are not moving at all and wont eat those are some signs if there sick

Is a raccoon a canine?

No a raccoon is not a canine. A raccoon is a procyonid.

What are the signs of a sick hamster?

I had a hamster of my own when i was around 9. And, before she got sick, some signs i notices was that she had diarrhea and was VERY territorial and aggressive. She would bit and bear her teeth. There are probably lots more symptoms.....but these are just the signs of an upcoming sickness. Hope my info was a bit of a help. :)

What are some of the signs your horse has eaten a poisonous plant howrse?

Does your horse look sick.

What are the signs for the first couple weeks of being pregnant?

Feeling sick in the morning is one.

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