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What are the signs of carrying twins?

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2007-09-05 01:35:08

Most signs are the same, but it mainly depends on the person as

well. One of the signs that I had when I was pregnant with my twins

was that my morning sickness was the pits I couldn't hardly eat,

but that was just me. You tend to show faster with twins a lot

sooner. Example: You're 3 months pregnant and you look like you're

6. That is how I began to wonder if I was carrying twins or not. I

knew that even though it was my second pregnancy and I would show

sooner but I didn't realize that I would look twice as big sooner!

Definately bring your concern to your OBs attention and they will

more than likely get an ultrasound done sooner. Another sign is

when you go to hear the heartbeat. At times you can possibly hear

two different heartbeats. There are other times though that the

heartbeats would be in tuned to one another and make it difficult

to hear both of them and as for the baby may hide

behind the other. But other than that I wish you the best of


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