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What are the signs of carrying twins?

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Most signs are the same, but it mainly depends on the person as well. One of the signs that I had when I was pregnant with my twins was that my morning sickness was the pits I couldn't hardly eat, but that was just me. You tend to show faster with twins a lot sooner. Example: You're 3 months pregnant and you look like you're 6. That is how I began to wonder if I was carrying twins or not. I knew that even though it was my second pregnancy and I would show sooner but I didn't realize that I would look twice as big sooner! Definately bring your concern to your OBs attention and they will more than likely get an ultrasound done sooner. Another sign is when you go to hear the heartbeat. At times you can possibly hear two different heartbeats. There are other times though that the heartbeats would be in tuned to one another and make it difficult to hear both of them and as for the baby may hide behind the other. But other than that I wish you the best of luck!

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What are early symptoms of twin pregnancy?

Faster weight gain and swollen feet earlier in the pregnancy are two signs you might be carrying twins.

Is it possible for symptoms of pregnancy to occur earlier than normal when carrying twins and if so how soon could it be after conception?

it doesnt matter if you are carrying twins or a single baby, the signs are the same and having twins doesnt make them sooner or stronger. usually if you have twins they cant tell until you are around 3+mnths unless you have to have an ultrasound for some reason. so the answer to your question is no they wouldn't appear sooner than someone carrying one baby. ob/gyn nurse

Do you need a lot of sperm to have twins?

No. it depends more on the womans eggs and her bodys capability of carrying twins.

Can you be carrying twins if your hcg is 7800 at 5 weeks?


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What are the chances of carrying twins after miscarriage?

shortly after a miscarriage the HCG levels are still high, this might cause multiple ovulations which gives twins..

Do miscarriages happen in twins?

Yes, my sister just had a miscarriage and she was carrying twins. But one of the babies survived. If they are identical, then neither will survive, but otherwise one will

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What is a multiparity pregnancy?

Multiparity is a term for carrying more than one fetus (twins, triplets, etc.)

How due you know if you are carrying twins?

Pregnancy symptoms are increased and high tended you start to show earlier but the only way to really tell is to have a scan, oh and twins run in families so if there is twins in your genetics you could carry the gene

How likely is it that you are carrying twins?

Hello, It may be, Do you have relations that have twins? Or maybe your Partner may have twins in their Families. Its generally a possibility that one of your families has twins somewhere in the line. You need to go to a doctor who will organize for you to get a ultrasound test done. that will tell you the situation. The girl next door had twins a couple of years ago. Good Luck.

How would you know if you were pregnant with twins at eight weeks?

The only sure way of knowing you are pregnant with twins is by ultrasound. An ultrasound at 8 weeks would show if you were carrying a multiple pregnancy.

Is it possible to feel very normal at eight weeks in pregnancy even if you are carrying twins?

In some women it is yes. When I was carrying twins I had my symptoms very early into the pregnancy. But if your worried then see your doctor. Although I knew I was pregnant as soon as I missed my period I didn't find out I was carrying twins until I was 18 weeks pregnant, and I actually felt better with them than I had with my first singleton pregnancy. However all the later pregnancy things you get like the tiredness and heartburn came earlier than the first time.

If a man has 3 or more sets of twins on his side of the family from the older generation is it likely he will have twins also?

No. If the twins are identical there is connection at all as identical twins are totally accidental. If the twins are fraternal it is more likely his daughter or sister will have twins as they are caused by releasing two eggs which may be inherited. Yes it can happen! When I was with my first husband I was shocked that I was carrying twins (unfortunately they did not go to term) and when I asked my mother she said that 2 generations back there were 2 sets of twins born.

How many months is 28 weeks when pregnant with twins?

7 months. It's the same regardless of how many babies you are carrying.

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Fever, pain, unpleasant odor, changes in discharge - any or all of these symptoms are signs of infection and need a call to the doctor.

How much do surrogate mothers of twins get paid?

I got $27000 (total for entire pregnancy of a singleton, this was the complete total when everything was added up start to finish of pregnancy) then I got an additional $5000 for carrying twins.

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