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Depends on if you're wanting to know if you are addicted or if someone else is.

Mostly, it is when you need it. Not want but need it. Like if you get the shakes or if you're ill when you don't have it in your system.

If you're asking about someone else, then, the most obvious signs are white pasty skin and bags under their eyes. Also, they can start twitching when they're on it and of course, they don't sleep much or have a lot of energy when they haven't had sleep. Also, they're really grouchy when they're coming down off their high or have been without drugs for too long. They can also be very jumpy and paranoid.

Speaking out of personal experience with the drug, I don't need it and I don't get withdrawal symptoms. But I am an addict booking into rehab in 2 days time. I think the only way you are not an addict is if you do it that first time (experimenting) and you never do it again or worst case scenario once a year, you are cool. Anything more than that you asking for trouble. I go on a binge once every 1-2 weeks. And after every time I promised I'll never do it again. Because once you need it, you are in trouble, but I could never stop. A month goes by and you convince yourself that you're fine and you can do it one last time. That started 5 years ago with me and I now have a slight speech impediment and my memory ain't what it used to be. Bottom line, if you are able to walk the talk and say I won't do it again, and you can go at least a year without dropping the ball, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you use Crack once, consider yourself addicted. Each time you use the drug, you will become more addicted. Each time you say to yourself, "I can use it again without becoming more addicted" you are becoming more of a fool. Each time you use and quit, for some period, you sink deeper into your self-denial. If, for whatever reason, you continue to use although you know continued use is bad for you, you are becoming more and more of an addict. The further you get into the lifestyle, the more difficult it will be to resurrect the life that you are fleeing. Be especially careful of losing contact with friends who are not into the drug-user life because they may never fully accept you back again even if you are convinced that you are no longer an addict. The longer you continue to get high, the less chance you will have of ever getting any of your previous life back. DO NOT GET INTO THE GAME UNLESS YOU DECIDE TO STAY IN IT AND HAVE THE RESOURCES TO DO SO because an addict without means to support their addiction is a thief and a potential killer (of spirit or of physical life or of both). Don't play these games with yourself.

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Q: What are the signs of cocaine addiction?
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