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What are the signs of narcissistic people?

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June 29, 2005 3:59AM

From my limited but excruciating experience these are some signs. They are master charmers, they will make you feel as though you are what they have been looking for, for eternity, they will lavish you with gifts, sex (if they are somatic), they will overdo everything, they are overly nice to the outside world as well. On the flip side; they will belittle you behind your back, control every aspect of your life, make you feel as if you are the problem, they will confuse you beyond belief, they WILL cheat, they are master liars, they manipulate, they have the ability to look you in the eyes and lie like you have NEVER SEEN, they will ultimately get tired of you and dump you like trash and then treat you as if they never knew you. They have NO empathy, they will kill your spirit. If you encounter one, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND DO NOT LOOK BACK AS HARD AS IT MAY BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this helps and may God have mercy on you