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What are the signs of needing a new head gasket and head bolt set?

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water mixed in oil, check dipstick, looks milky in color. quick overheating. visible leaks around head gasket.

2006-09-14 03:39:12
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Head gasket bolt torque specs for a Mazda mx3?

What are the head bolt torque specs for a mazda mx3 1600

Does needing a head gasket replaced make your car a non runner?

Yes it does. If you drive any car with a blown head gasket you will have serious internal engine damage.

What is the head gasket bolt torque specs on a Honda trx250r?

21 lbs

What are the signs of a head gasket leak?

Check inside the oil filler cap for a brown creamy residue, this is an indication that there is moisture getting in through the head gasket.

Coolant leaks and exhaust is steamy?

Those are signs of a blown head gasket or a cracked cylinder head.

What are torque specs for head gasket and intake manifold for 1999 Pontiac sunfire?

The 1999 Pontiac cylinder head gasket bolt torque specification is 160 pounds. The intake manifold bolt torque specification is 90 pounds.

Do you have to change the head gasket bolts after changing the head gasket?

Most definitely the ideal answer would be YES! The integrity of the bolt is not the same once it has been torqued appropriately

What does a head gasket look like?

picture rectangular shaped gasket, if 3 cylinders on each head each gasket has 3 circles representing cylinders and thin gasket maybe half inch wide between each circle then bolt holes for head bolts too ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------

How tight do the head-gasket bolts need to be for a Chevy c1500?

how tight should we tight the head gasket bolt for a ford f150 Need to know the engine size.

How do you change a head on a 1990 geo storm?

buy a head gasket remove the bolts,put the head gasket on the block line the new head up with the bolt holes put the bolts back in and put the cams back in time.

What are signs of a blown engine vs blown head gasket?

With a blown head gasket the engine will still run, poorly with issues, but run. A blown engine will not continue to run from that moment on.

How do you fix a blown head gasket in a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower?

Take all the shrouds off remove the head bolt remove the head gasket clean off the dirt then reverse the process. Hope this helps

How 89 turbo supra head bolt specs?

factory bolt spec is 58 i believe this is the cause of the blown head gasket issue with the cars it needs torqued at least to 70

Your 1997 Chevy Malibu is leaking water into the oil but no other signs of a blown head gasket is present What else could it be?

Intake manifold gasket

What is the head gasket bolt torque for a ford 1600 utility tractor?

111-114 ft lbs

What is the head gasket bolt torque specs for a Honda cr500 dirt bike?

24 - 29 nm

What could cause an engine overheating with white smoke and a loss of power?

I suspect that you have a blown head gasket letting coolant into one of the cylinders to cause the white smoke and the lowered coolant level results in over heating of the engine. overheating with white smoke indicates coolant in the combustion chamber 99% of the time this is caused by a leaking head gasket. dont keep driving till you get it repaired or you can crack the block, needing a new engime or warp the head needing new head. head gasket is least expensive to repair

How do you check a head gasket on a 1998 Eagle Talon?

not very easily... Is their oil in your coolant or vise-versa? is your car smoking white? blue? Car overheating regularly? these are all signs of a bad head gasket but may be signs of a different problem....To check your head gasket you can do one of two things.1. do a leak down test2. pull the head off and visually inspect the gasket...those are really your only two options and both are time consuming

Does a Chevy 5.3 have head gasket problems?

It has Head problems.... if it has a casting number of 706 on the top end of the head, then have the head pressure tested. It cracks in the #1 head bolt hole area.

Why 91 buick limited regal shut off at intersections and stop signs after having gasket intake set gasket valve cover set and plennm gasket set replaced Why is it still loosing oil and coolant?

the only way oil will get in the coolent is a bad head gasket or a crack in the head.

What will cause coolant to get in oil head gasket or intake gasket?

The Intake gasket is leaking, NOT THE HEAD GASKET. Replace the intake gasket

Can signs of a bad head gasket come and go?

Yes, that is possible. But, know that if you have a blown head gasket you will do serious engine damage if you continue to drive the vehicle. You need to have this looked at by a trusted mechanic. Do not continue to drive the vehicle.

Do you have to replace the head bolts on a Honda 2.2 liter when replacing the head gasket?

No, simply check the bolt threads for an hour glass shape. If it has this THEN replace bolts

How do you repair a head gasket to Chevy prism?

You do not repair a head gasket you replace it with a new gasket which requires removing the head.

White exhaust smoke from only one tailpipe?

That narrows down which head needs a gasket or which side of intake needs a gasket. Check your oil for signs of water in pan.