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What are the signs of your first period?

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Everyone is different, and often you don't learn to recognise

the changes in your body leading up to menstruation until you've

had your period for a few years. A few things that you may notice

just before your first period...

  • Egg-white type discharge 2-3 weeks prior.
  • Thicker white discharge from 2 weeks prior.
  • Brown or pink discharge just before your period.
  • Changes to skin - ache, oily skin, or even clearer skin.
  • Changes to mood - moodier, more creative, everyone is


  • Increased sex drive.
  • Breast tenderness.
  • Bloating.
  • Menstrual cramps.

FYI - anything negative like menstrual cramps or bloating are

preventable, don't believe this idea that it's just 'part of being

a woman' like it's just something you have to suffer as you don't,

then once you prevent the negatives you can enjoy the


It's a good idea to keep a period kit with you at all times - a

mlittlemake-up bag with some pantiliners, pads, or even a menstrual

cup, also carry spare underwear just in case, painkillers for

cramps, spare change for more supplies, and disposable bags. Talk

to your mom or guardian about this too, make sure they know to keep

supplies in stock for you, ask them any questions you have, and

plan how you want to celebrate.

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