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there are no vampires

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Q: What are the signs that the vampire is around?
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What are the signs if someone is a vampire?

Well there could be many signs. Yes nobody knows if vampire are real. Here are some signs: Pale skin, unusual eye color,goth clothing, great urge for meat, allergic to garlic. These are SOME signs! If you want more you could Google 'Characteristics of a Vampire".

What era did carlisle became a vampire?

He became a vampire around the 1600s.

How long does it take to move around as a vampire?

A vampire can move around as quickly or as slowly as it could in human form.

What are the synonym signs of becoming a vampire?

no you can't become a vampire and less you were born as one because i am a real life vampire I'm serious i really am and you need to be born as one like me. vampires are real

How can you identify that a vampire is around us?

If you a vampire around you how will you identify it,you have watch pyaar ki ye ek kahani in that serial a boy name abhay he's a vampire in that roll.

Where can you get a vampire mouthpiece?

You can get a vampire mouthpiece at a Halloween store or any store when its around Halloween

What are the signs of possession with a vampire?

When a vampire shows signs of pocession it will act strange like being silent or swallowing to show they want the persons blood or flesh. They will try to keep their pocession in infornt of people. Vampires will attack quickly and you do not have time to think about what is happening.

Does tyler end up with Caroline in the vampire diaries?

Probably because there has been some signs of flirting.

What are signs of being a vampire if your african-american or puerto-rican or mexican or italian?

I am going to answer this as: "What are the signs of a vampire" - Sunlight all vampires hate the sunlight, they prefer the dark. - No reflection in the mirror - All Vampires hate garlic, or anything with garlic - Sometimes the eyes of the vampire are a different colour - If they offer you a gift, but say it in a strange way like: "I can offer you a gift that will make you free from death\sickness\pain" they are definately a vampire, and want to change you to one. Hope this helps. -Matthew, Vampire Hunter.

Are vampires physically related to vampire bats or is that just a name?

Vampire folklore was around long before the discovery of vampire bats in South American in the 16th century. These bats (which feed on blood) were named after the folkloric vampire (not the other way around). The only thing that relates a fictional vampire and a real vampire bat is the name. supporting article:

What are the signs of a possession of a vampire victim?

Their eyes turn a different colour. their personality is like one of a different person.

What are some vampire animes?

Nightwalker or Vampire Knight, depends what your looking for, there are a few if you have a good mosey around.

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