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Ask him. :) If you and your boyfriend go to the movies and there is a guy sitting between you two, then that would be a pretty good indication!!

a lot of time men who r gay paint there nials and things like that but if you go to the movies with friends and your boyfriend just happens to be sitting next to a guy then that does not awlays mean that he is gay

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โˆ™ 2008-11-09 17:03:27
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Q: What are the signs to look for that your long-term boyfriend is gay?
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Lance Bass's Boyfriend?

he is gay look at the pics

What signs do you look for to find out if your wife is gay?

If you are also a woman, chances are high that your wife is gay.

What are the signs for a 13 year teenage male being gay?

There is only one sign to look out for: if he tells you he is gay, then he is gay.

How does a boy get a boyfriend?

Just go on a gay dating site or look for any gay parties nearby on the net

What are some signs to look for in a gay thug?

they are "checking you out" and looking you up and down :)

What are someSigns a woman wants you to take her away from her boyfriend?

Some of the signs would be when she flirts with you,when she does you favors,or when she invites you to a movie,Those can be some signs,although they might sound gay!

What signs should I look out for if I suspect my boyfriend may be gay or on the DL?

Instead of waiting around to find out or searching for signs that may not be there try having a mature conversation with him and talk about things. If you care for your boyfriend and is dealing with sexuality issues then he will need someone he can trust that will not judge him but be there for him and accept him as he is - remember if he does have something going on this is not about your nor does it have anything in any way to do with you - be there for him without judgement.

Is you James paul barrington-light gay?

Just wondered why you are asking? Is it because you are gay and are looking for a boyfriend? If so, I suggest you look elsewhere.

What do you do if you figure out your boyfriend is gay?

The only thing you can do. If you boyfriend is gay you have to respect that and let him go.

What is the name of Carmen's boyfriend in George Lopez on the episode of Carmen's gay boyfriend?

Carmen's gay boyfriend name is Noah

Is Cat Osterman gay?

No, She is not gay and has a boyfriend....

How can you find a gay boyfriend?

Although most straight men claim to be anti gay, the truth is more men than will admit have had or are having gay sex. The chances of finding a gay boyfriend is very high. Any gay bar, and in some cases a straight bar will lead you to a potential boyfriend. Gay chat rooms. A boyfriend is out there.

Signs of a gay boyfriend?

It is difficult sometimes to know if a boyfriend is gay or not. It is a myth that because a man is gay he does not have a girlfriend as some men want to try to be straight and fight their homosexuality. It is also a myth that all gay men swish around like women and many gay men are in all lines of the workforce such as construction workers; police officers; lawyers; politicians, etc. The only way you are going to find out is by communicating why you suspect he is gay, but choose your words wisely and don't tell anyone else that you may think your boyfriend is gay as he well may not be.

What are the signs that a guy is gay?

He is either gay or bi if he is with another man in a romantic and sexual way. Or he tells you he is gay. Those are the only "signs".

Does Leo howard have a boyfriend?

No! I mean he is not gay to have a boyfriend. He can have a girlfriend but not a boyfriend.

How do you deal with my boyfriend being gay?

He probably wouldn't be your boyfriend if he were gay. If he is, then you can only wish him luck with other gay guys :)

What are the first signs showing towards if your husband or boyfriend is gay or by-sexual please tell me some of the signs?

Some of the warning signs are: Being very scared or angry with gay people. If he spends too much time with ONE of his guys friends. Phone calls from guys that you have never heard him talk about. If he seems less interested in you sexually. Making alot of gay jokes even if they are negative. hope this helped. Some other signs are looking at gay porn, really into his looks, shaving his body hair, very critical of you, etc.

How can a gay boy get Justin bieber to be his boyfriend?

The gay boy can say, "Hey, Justin, Be my boyfriend!" And he will accept.

Is it normal for a straight man to look up gay videos?

Huh no!! If you walk in and see your boyfriend / husband watchen gay porn he must have some gayness in him.

Who is Megan Rapinoe's boyfriend?

She does not have a boyfriend she is gay and has a girlfriend.

How can you find out if your boyfriend is gay?

You tell him that he is stupid!... and gay!

Gay How can you tell a man is gay What are the 'signs'?

There are not really many signs to tell you a man is gay. Some gay men do act feminine which is a clear sign.

What to do when your gay boyfriend left you for a girl?

When a man is gay it means he is attracted to individuals of the same gender. If your gay boyfriend left you for a girl, it means it probably was not gay to begin with or he is confused about his sexuality.

What are the signs your wife is gay?

There are no reliable signs, ask her instead.

What should I do if I am gay and want a boyfriend?

Look for a man that wants the same as you. Coming out of the closet, and living openly will also increase your chances of getting a boyfriend.