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What are the similarities and differences between Hinduism and Judaism?

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-no single founder

-reincarnation, endless cycle of rebirths

-karma, What goes around comes around..

-Originated in India


-No single founder, based on national revelation

-The Ten Commandments revealed to Moses

-Chosen to keep the Torah

-reincarnation, some souls are reincarnated into new people


-Originated in Israel


-both very ancient religions

-both are actually monotheistic. In Hinduism, every god is a personality of the one God Narayana. In Judaism, the entire Universe is part of G-d. Indeed, we are all an aspect of G-d.

- both have sacred writings (Vedas in Hinduism, Tanakh in Judaism)

-both are a caste system, by there society. Similarities of there society-related caste system.

-- in Hinduism there is the Priestly class, the warrior class, and others

-- in Judaism there currently is a Priestly tribe, the Levites, the High Priest subgroup of the Levites - Kohens, Yehuda tribe, Benyamin tribe, and the Yisrael tribe. Although these tribes are in place, there is minimal impact on life outside of certain religious ceremonies and life cycle events. There is no issue in marrying between tribes, etc.

- In Hinduism, the Priestly class cannot marry outside their cast. Marrying outside the caste is strictly forbidden.

- In Judaism, the Kohens are not supposed to marry converts, divorced women (although this isn't often followed).

-Hope it helps :)

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some similarities between Hinduism & Buddhism are Non Violence & Peace. Judaism & Hinduism are common in belief of one Supreme God.

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Judaism and Islam have many similarities. Hinduism does not fall in this category because Hinduism is an Ancient South Asian Religion and Culture. Judaism and Islam believe in One God. Hinduism does not fall in this category, because they believe in many gods. Judaism and Islam have too many similarities to list. It would be wise to search "Similarities between Judaism and Islam" or see the related question below.

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All 3 use prayer and meditation. Christianity & Judaism have similarities, because Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism. Buddhism, however, is an offshoot of Hinduism, & therefore not very similar to either Christianity or Judaism.

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Islam, Judaism, and Christianity share the same god. Buddhism originated from a land dominated by Hinduism. Hinduism is polytheistic, and the prophets of each religion were different.

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