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First of all, you have to define things. There are two kinds of eastern churches; or you could just as well say there are two kinds of Catholic churches. The Eastern churches are:

  • Eastern Catholic rites (Byzantine, Maronite, e.g.)
  • Eastern Orthodox Church
Or you could say the Catholic Church comprises:
  • Western Catholic rites (Roman [or Latin], e.g.)
  • Eastern Catholic rites (Byzantine, Maronite, e.g.)
Depending upon how they are defined, the Catholic Church has over 20 different rites. The largest, by far, of all rites is the (Western) Roman rite. The largest Eastern rite is the Byzantine. Technically, it is incorrect to refer to all of Catholicism as Roman Catholicism. However, since the headquarters of all of Catholicism is in Rome, in that geographical senseit is correct, but doesn't make much sense to say so, since there isn't any other Catholicism. As to similarities and differences, that question has been answered elsewhere. But as a generalization you could say that Eastern Churches seem more alike on the surface (appearance, traditions, etc.), but that Western and Eastern Catholic rites are more like each other in the deeper sense (doctrine).
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Q: What are the similarities and differences of the Catholic and eastern churches?
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What religion did the eastern orthodox church belong to?

The Orthodox Churches and the Catholic Church were once united. The Orthodox Churches separated from the Catholic Church over political and doctrinal differences.

What language is used at Orthodox Catholic Christian churches?

There are Catholic churches and Orthodox churches. There are no Catholic Orthodox churches. There are, however, some Eastern Rite Catholic churches but they are not Orthodox. They are fully Catholic.

What are the similarities and differences between abrahamic and eastern religions?

What are the similarities of Abraham and eastern religions

How does the Eastern church help Catholic churches?

I don't know if you should put it that way, try this: The Eastern Rite Churches are all part of the Catholic Church.

What has the author Maximos written?

Maximos has written: 'The Eastern churches and Catholic unity' -- subject(s): Christian union, Eastern churches

What do the Eastern Catholic Churches call their Confirmation and chrism?


What two churches emerged from split of Christianity?

The two churches were the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic

What two churches emerged from the split of Christianity?

The two churches were the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic

What two churches emerged from a split in Christianity?

the two churches were eastern orthodox and the roman catholic.

The differences of Armenian Catholics to other Catholics?

The Armenian Catholic Church is an Eastern Catholic Church in communion with the Pope in Rome. What that means is that a member of a local Catholic Church and a member of the Armenian Catholic Church are essentially the same. The Apostle Peter is considered to be the first Pope and founder of Roman Catholicism. Tradition tells us that the Eastern churches were formed by others of Jesus's Apostles after his death and resurrection. It is interesting to note that many of the Eastern churches have been in and out of communion with Rome, and that most if not all of the Eastern churches (19+ from different parts of the world) have counterpart churches with virtually the same traditions which are not in communion with Rome. Roman Catholics can attend Masses and take Communion in Eastern Catholic Churches and vice versa, but the liturgies (order of the Mass) will be very different.

Is the Pope head of all Catholic Churches or only Roman Catholic Churches?

The term "catholic" is claimed by both the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Roman Catholic Church includes all the Churches that accept the authority of the pope in Rome, including certain Eastern Churches. The Eastern Orthodox Church does not accept the authority of the pope in Rome. The pope is the spiritual leader of all Christians. However, the Protestants and Orthodox do not recognize that leadership.

What are the different types of Catholic churches?

Roman Catholic and Eastern rites such as the Byzantine Catholic Church and the Maronite rite.

Did the latin churches become known as the roman catholic church?

All Churches, including the Eastern ones, that remained loyal to the pope in Rome are Catholic; the Latin Church is just one of 23 Catholic Churches.

The Byzantine Empire is most closely associated with which of these?

Eastern Catholic Churches.

Which church is the Eastern Orthodox churches most closely related to?


What has the author Maximos IV written?

Maximos IV has written: 'The Eastern churches and Catholic unity' -- subject- s -: Christian union, Eastern churches

What are the rules governing abstinence?

The rules that govern abstinence in the Catholic church also govern fasting. These rules are called the Code of Canon Law for Roman Catholic churches and the Code of Canons of Oriental Churches for Eastern Catholic churches.

Is the eastern orthodox and roman catholic churches still conflicting today?

yes they are

What are the differences between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic theologies?

Pase click the following link to view the article that states the differences between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic theologies.

What is Eastern Orthodox Catholic?

You have your wording incorrect. There is Eastern Orthodox, and Eastern Catholic. Both are different Churches. Eastern Orthodox: The Eastern Orthodox Church was once one Church along with the Roman Catholic Church until the Great Schism in 1054. After 1054, they have been two separate Churches. The difference easiest to recognize is their view of the Bishop of Rome (the Pope). The Roman Catholic Church believes that the Bishop of Rome has the final say in defining doctrine whereas the Eastern Orthodox Church believes Church doctrine can only change when it has been decided in an Ecumenical Council such as the seven that were held before the churches split. Eastern Catholic: The Eastern Catholic Churches are former Eastern Orthodox Churches that have enter back into communion with the Holy See. They still practice using Eastern Rites, however. (Ex. Married men can be ordained Priests, the Nicene Creed is read without the Filioque clause, etc.) Hope I answered your question. ~God Bless

What are the Eastern Catholic Churches?

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What 2 churches resulted from the schism in Christianity?

the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church

In the Roman Catholic Church have there been any ordinations of a female deacon in eastern Canada or was this the Eastern Church?

A female has never been ordained to "major orders" deacon/priest in the Roman Catholic Church, the Uniate Churches (Eastern Catholic) or Orthodox Church

What was the role that John of Damascus played in the schism between catholic and eastern orthodox churches?

The East–West Schism, commonly referred to as the Great Schism of 1054, is the break of communion between what are now the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches, which began in the 11th century and continues.

When is the Pentecost?

This year 2011, Pentecost fell on the 12th of June. Both Western (Roman Catholic Church) and Eastern Christianity (Eastern Churches).