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What are the similarities and differences of the Catholic and eastern churches?

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2007-07-17 19:14:44

First of all, you have to define things. There are two kinds of

eastern churches; or you could just as well say there are two kinds

of Catholic churches. The Eastern churches are:

  • Eastern Catholic rites (Byzantine, Maronite, e.g.)
  • Eastern Orthodox Church

Or you could say the Catholic Church comprises:

  • Western Catholic rites (Roman [or Latin], e.g.)
  • Eastern Catholic rites (Byzantine, Maronite, e.g.)

Depending upon how they are defined, the Catholic Church has over

20 different rites. The largest, by far, of all rites is the

(Western) Roman rite. The largest Eastern rite is the Byzantine.

Technically, it is incorrect to refer to all of Catholicism

as Roman Catholicism. However, since the headquarters of all

of Catholicism is in Rome, in that geographical sense

it is correct, but doesn't make much sense to say so, since there

isn't any other Catholicism. As to similarities and

differences, that question has been answered elsewhere. But as a

generalization you could say that Eastern Churches seem more alike

on the surface (appearance, traditions, etc.), but that Western and

Eastern Catholic rites are more like each other in the deeper sense


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