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Cocoa is an ingriedient in chocolate. It is a refined dry powder made from the cocoa bean. The cocoa butter has been remove from it. Chocolate includes cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, milk, and other ingridients. As the proportions change in the chocolate mixture, it is possable to derive various types of chocolate, like bitter, semi-sweet, dark, and Milk Chocolate.

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Q: What are the similarities between cocoa and bitter chocolate?
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Is bitter sweet chocolate the same as semi sweet chocolate?

No. Bitter sweet chocolate has more cocoa in it, which makes it more bitter. Semi sweet chocolate has less cocoa, which makes it sweeter.

What is the difference between baking cocoa and chocolate cocoa?

Baking cocoa has no sweetner in it. It's extremely bitter. Chocolate cocoa is generally in a mix and already has sugar and the like. It's meant for drinking and not baking. Also Baking chocolate has more of the cocoa fat in it. Drinking cocoa has been processed to remove much of the fat.

Is cocoa powder and baking cocoa the same?

Depends. Cocoa powder may be for hot chocolate, it has sugar in it and not very much flavor. Baking cocoa is just chocolate and bitter.

Can cocoa replace chocolate in a chocolate cake?

To an extent. But cocoa powder is very bitter, and it will not give the exact same taste or texture to the cake are regular chocolate would.

Why does chocolate have a metallic taste?

That could be a sign of stale ingredients or bitter cocoa.

What is dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is a type of chocolate that contains at least 60% cocoa powder. It is darker in color and more bitter (the higher the cocoa %, the more bitter the chocolate is as that means there is less sugar, milk, cream, and milk fats in it) than other, more common, types of chocolate are.

What is in a truffle?

a chocolate dessert made of soft chocolate of gnache in the middle and covered in chocolate that is then set to harden and sometimes topped with bitter cocoa.

Does cocoa in chocolate have sugar in it?

Cocoa by itself contains no sugar and is actually quite bitter. It's by adding sugar that makes it sweet.

What does the percentage on chocolate bars mean?

It means the percentage of cocoa that used to make the chocolate. 85% is very dark chocolate, for example, is quite bitter and actually the healthiest of chocolates. Milk chocolate contains approximately 20% cocoa.

What is the difference between unsweetened cocoa and cocoa?

cocoa is sweet and taste good while unsweetened cocoa is bitter and is used a lot in baking.

Does the color of a chocolate bar effect the way it taste?

Usually, yes. The darker it gets, the more cocoa it contains. Higher cocoa content makes the chocolate taste stronger, almost bitter.

In 1831 what Quaker grocer from Birmingham started selling bitter drinking chocolate and cocoa?

Johan cadbury

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