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Guns in the Civil War definitely show similarities to firearms used by our military today. Before the war started, there was a rush to create reliable and functional "repeating" firearms, the definition of which is a firearm that does not need to be relaoded after every round is fired. One of the first truly successful repeating firearms was the Henry 1860, a lever action rife that fired a 44. caliber round packed in a self-contained metallic rimfire cartridge. The Civil war was also the first American war where some of the firearms used metal cartridge casings, which were a newly developed for of ammunition at the time. guns such as the Sharps Buffalo rifles and other rifles used metal cartridge ammo, but the Civil war also saw the use of large caliber muzzle loaders. muzzle loaders are not used in the military today, because they are single shot, and have less penetrating power than the guns that use brass cartridge ammo. The muzzle loaders did fire enormous lead bullets that were devistating in battle, but since the shooter was limited to one shot before reloading, they were quite outmatched by the repeating firearms.

Revolvers in the Civil War are quite similar to the ones used today. The introduction of the revolver marked the first of the repeating firearms. However, during the Civil War, you had twist the cilinder on your revolver so that it would have spring power to crank it with each pull of the trigger.

All in all the main similarities between firearms in the Civil War and firearms used by the military today are found in calibers and catriges, which are vastly similar.

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Q: What are the similarities between guns in the civil and guns in war now?
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