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The French and America both fought the British.

The Americans were united against Great Britain, fighting for independence, which made it more of a Civil War. The French Revolution was also a bit of a civil war, with the peasants fighting against the aristocracy and the church. The Americans had a clear vision of setting up a representative type of government, while the French moved more into a state of anarchy and indiscriminate violence. Some of the French who had helped America in her revolution were inspired by the American revolution to pursue revolution in France.

One similarity was that a factor in starting both revolutions were unfair, high taxes.

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Q: What are the similarities of the French and American Revolutions?
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What are the similarities of the English french and American revolutions?

They are all 360 degrees

What are similarities between the French English and American Revolutions?

Because swag.

What are the similarities of the Glorious Revolution American Revolution and the French Revolution?

They are all Revolutions.

What are the similarities between the American and french revolution?

both revolutions had economy and taxation problems.

How are the french and American Revolutions the same?

The French and The American revolutions are the same because both revolutions were against Britain and were for independence i.e.., freedom. The French revolution started by the inspiration of the American revolution.

What revolutions were inspired by the french revolution?

Latin American revolutions and Russian revolutions

What are the similarities and differences in the Haitian and French Revolutions?

In Haiti it was a Slave Revolt.

How were the Latin American Revolutions similar to the French and American Revolutions?

they all revolutionized over the economy

What 2 revolutions inspired the Haitian revolution?

American french and losamousier revolutions

What were the similarities of the causes of the French and American Revolutions?

All revolutions have the same root. The 'ordinary' people want to over throw the ruling class. In France it was the French proletariat against the bourgoisie and aristocrats, and in America it was the Americans against the British. In the case of the French Revolution there were important issues that were not relevant in the American colonies, in particular, the remnants of feudal privilege.

What form of government was created after the American after the American and french revolutions?

A Republic.

Which revolution did Bolivar Admire?

the American and french revolutions

Hiw was simon bolivar influenced by the american and french revolutions?

Simon Bolivar was influenced by the American and French revolutions in that he desired the constitutional freedoms that were contained in the American and French documents to become part of the lives of the people of his nation.

How was Simon bolivar influenced by the American and french revolutions?

he began revolutions against spanish authority

What are the similarities and differences of the Glorious Revolution American Revolution and the French Revolution?

A similarity of all the revolutions was that it focused on reducing the power of the Monarchy and focused on some extent of Democracy. :)

Why did Bolรญvar admire the American and French revolutions?

he admire the revolutions because the revolutions make him to have a dreamed to gain independent for his country...(maybe)

Who was the Frenchman who fought in both the French and American revolutions?


What is a common feature of both the French and American revolutions?


What are some similarities between the Industrial and American Revolutions?

One of the biggest similarities between the American Revolution and the Industrial Revolution is agriculture. In both revolutions, agriculture was an important food source and if we look back on the American Revolution, it was actually due to poor harvests, many people moved to North America. Also triangular trade occured in both revolutions.

What Revolutions began the the Era Atlantic Revolutions?

The American revolution kicked it all off. The next to follow it was the Batavian, or the French if you only count the big three (American, French, Haitian).

Who is Marquis de Layfette?

He was a French Officer and a hero of both the American and French Revolutions.

What was the difference between the results of the french and American revolutions?

At the end of the french revolution french fries where invented

What other revolutions did the American Revolution influence?

The American Revolution inspired many other revolutions such as the Haitian Revolution and the French Revolution. The American Revolution showed that Revolutions could be started and ended with a good outcome. So the Haitians, Latins, French, and a bunch of other countries revolted.

What form of government was formed after the American and french revolutions?

Both revolutions resulted in the creation of Presidential Republics, but the French Republic did not endure for long and there were three French co-presidents or consuls in comparison to the American Republic which had singular presidents.

What were the similarities of the french and Russian revolution?

*Both the French and Russian Revolutions attempted to destroy exsisting social and political structures. :]*Both revolutions conducted against absolute monarchy *both revolutions include inequality between the working class and the social class peoples