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The six hardware components of a computer system are the central processing unit (CPU), primary storage, secondary storage, input devices, output devices, and the communication devices. The central unit of a computer is the CPU.

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What are the six categories of computer hardware?

The 6 main categories of Computer hardware are Input Devices, output Devices, CPU and RAM, Storage Devices, Telecommunications Devices, and Connecting Devices.

What are the 4 categories of hardware devices?

input, output, storage, hardware

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what are the two categories of infomation technology?

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Identify the four basic categories in a typical hardware unit?

The four basic categories in a typical hardware unit are input, processor, storage and output. A complete computer system features these along with software.

Four categories of computer hardware?

They are input devices, output devices, storage, and processing.

What are three pieces of hardware?

The word hardware can describe a group of things in different categories. Three examples of a piece of hardware that belong to a computer are, a monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard.

What are the four basic categories of hardware in a microcomputer system?

The four basic categories of hardware in a microcomputer system are as follows: system unit, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Computers can also have other hardware peripherals, such as external hard drives, speakers, separate web cameras, etc.

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5 categories of computer hardware?

input output storage processing communication

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What are the 4 main hardware categories of a computer?

The four main categories of computer hardware are as follows: Input Output Storage Processing Input hardware is all the hardware concerning what gets put into the computer. Keyboards, mouse, scanners, digital cameras, and joysticks are all examples of computer input hardware. Output hardware involves taking the work of the computer and projecting it outward. Printers, as well as monitors and televisions, are examples of output hardware. Storage hardware allows the computer to hold and maintain a file database. Hard drives, both those installed in the computer and those held externally, as well as USB drives, are examples of storage hardware. Processing hardware is the real meat of the computer, consisting of the CPU, ROM, and RAM. These things are what make the computer function as a computer.

What is the two categories of computer hardware?


What are the hardware categories required in general purpose computers?

The hardware categories required in general purpose computers are quite a number. The very basic ones include processor, RAM, keyboard, mouse, monitor, hard drive and many more.

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