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They are potential solutes.

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What substances that do not dissolve easily in water?

Nonpolar substances do not dissolve easily in water.

What is the name of substances that dissolve in water?

Substances that dissolve in water are said to be soluble.Substances dissolved in water form aqueous solutions.

Why can water dissolve many substances?

Water can dissolve many substances because water (H2O) is a polar molecule.

What are substances that dissolve in water?

Nutilite's vitamins dissolve in water.

Why substances dissolve in water?

The hydrophilic substances

Why can water dissolve many but not all substances?

water cant dissolve hydrophilic substances, fats, or oils

What is it called when a solid can not be dissovled?

Insoluble substances do not dissolve.

Which substances dissolve in water?

like dissolves like..water is polar so polar or ionic substances will dissolve in water

What two substances dissolve in water?

Salt and Sugar dissolve in water.

What is the difference between soluble insoluble substance?

the soluble substances dissolve in water where as the insoluble substances do not dissolve in water

What is like dissolve like?

It means that polar substances dissolve other polar substances, and nonpolar substances dissolve other nonpolar substances. (Also, polar substances, such as water, can also dissolve some ionic substances, such as salt, NaCl.)

What materials will not dissolve in water?

In general, non-polar substances do not dissolve in water.

Unable to dissolve in water?

Nonpolar substances are unable to dissolve in water, which is polar.

Substances unable to dissolve in water?

I'm not sure what your asking but the term for substances that are unable to dissolve in water are called unsoluable.

What type of substances will dissolve in the polar solvent water?

Polar substances dissolve in polar solvents.

Why do polar substances dissolve well in water?

polar substances eaisly dissolve in water because solutes always dissolve in whic solvent that have same nature.

Explain the statement like dissolves like?

Polar substances will dissolve other polar substances.*Ionic substances will dissolve other ionic substancesNonpolar substances will dissolve other nonpolar substances.*Water is called the universal solvent because it can dissolve both polar and ionic substances. (Although not all ionic substances will be dissolved by water.)

When a chemical dissolves in water is it soluble or insoluble?

Substances that dissolve in water are soluble. Soluble substances will be polar because water is also polar. Those substances that do not dissolve in water are insoluble, which are nonpolar.

What are the solid substances that dissolve in a liquid?

The substances that form solutions are called "solutes" and the liquid is the solvent.

Why does water dissolve anything?

Water does not dissolve everything. Some substances dont mix with water. Those are hydrophobic substances, ex: oil molecules

Why is soap used in washing?

Many different substances dissolve easily in water, but there are some which don't, particularly oily substances. Soap makes these substances dissolve in water.

What liquid doesn't dissolve in water?

The reason that some substances dissolve in water and others don't depends on their reaction to water. Hydrophilic (water loving) substances readily dissolve in water. Hydrophobic (water fearing) substances such as oils don't readily dissolve in water. An example of a hydrophobic substance is any kind of lipid(fat) based substance, such as oil.

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