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Q: What are the songs and artist of the Movie Soundtrack for Die Hard 1?
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What are the songs to in Stomp the Yard?

Two songs in the movie Stomp The Yard include: Go Hard or Go Home and the song Vans. Also, Walk It Out and The Champ are two other songs on the movies' soundtrack.

What are some of the songs from the soundtrack of the 2003 film Daredevil?

There are 20 songs on the soundtrack of the 2003 film Daredevil. Some songs from the soundtrack are "Right Before Your Eyes" by Hoobastank, "Hang On" by Seether, "Learn the Hard Way" by Nickelback and "Evening Rain" by Moby.

Who covered the song Hard Sun and what year was it released?

The song Hard Sun was covered by an artist by the name of Eddie Vedder. He is the singer for the band Pearl Jam, and he covered the song for the movie Into the Wild. The song was released on September 18, 2007 on the movie's soundtrack.

Where can i find the song you make me so hard?

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story movie soundtrack

Is there a album by the beatles called a hard days night?

Yes there is, it was released in 1964 as a soundtrack to their movie by the same name. It was the first album by The Beatles to consist of entirely original Lennon-McCartney songs.

Did they ever make a CD soundtrack of the movie Hannah and her Sisters with all the music from the movie on it?

Yes but it is very hard to find

Is there an Enya song in the movie man on fire?

No, I don't believe so...most of the songs in that movie were by Nine Inch Nails and were hard rock...unlike Enya. There is a song by Lisa Gerrard (formerly of Dead Can Dance) in the soundtrack. You may have mistaken her for Enya.

Into the Wild has what songs?

There are eleven songs on the Into the Wild soundtrack: Setting Forth, No Ceiling, Far Behind, Rise, Long Nights, Tuolumne, Hard Sun, Society, The Wolf, End of the Road, and Guaranteed.

What are the names of all the songs in stomp the yard?

The Stomp the Yard soundtrack was released on April 24, 2007,and peaked at number-20 on Billboard's Top Soundtracks. Songs on the soundtrack are Go Hard or Go Home, Vans, Poppin, Sing Me Up, The Champ, Walk it Out, Pop Lock and Drop It, and The Deepest Hood.

What songs did Hayes carll write for the movie country strong?

Hard out here is one of them

Which are the 28 songs sung by Kumar sanu in a day which made him won Guinness world record?

Those songs were cover versions, were not film songs(original soundtrack) , it will hard to find those songs. Try search in google, youtube!

How many songs has jay z made?

Well he has been in 505 songs including all his Studio/Compilation/Soundtrack albums and the songs he has been featured in.Yes, his third album.....Vol. 2... Hard Knock LifeHe has won 14 Grammys

What type of religion is coldplay?

The religion of worshipping a terrible "Artist". This requires you to listen to the songs they have written over and over again and try and find any difference in them. Its hard because all of their songs sound almost exactly the same.

What songs is Chris Robinson most known for singing?

Chris Robinson is best known for his work with the band The Black Crowes. Some of their most popular songs are Hard to Handle, She Talks to Angels, Jealous Again and Twice as Hard. Chris Robinson launched a solo career in 2002 when his song The Red Road was used as the soundtrack for The Banger Sisters.

Did John Lennon lip synch?

You can easily tell the Beatles are lip-synching "I Should Have Known Better" and other songs during the movie "A Hard Day's Night." It's common in movie-making that songs aren't performed live.

Where can you buy chris rea la passione DVD?

I have been trying to find that for a long time now.. Good movies are hard to come, and this movie is one of those. Amazing soundtrack.

What is a pottery artist?

a pottry artist is someone who makes pots with clay or something that is hard

Is there a soundtrack for the movie sugar hill?

There is, it's very hard to get though and it has the Terence Blanchard trumpet tracks on it. Try a search on Amazon and you should see one second hand. The best song its not shown in Sugar Hill Soundtrack list is Otis Redding - Just one more Day.

Was it hard for Rihanna to become an artist?

No, it wasnt hard for her to become a famous artist, as she is a satanist that outrightly worships the devil. She sold her soul for fame and money.

How can you become a famous comic artist?

hard work

Who is Hard Rocks artist of the year 2009?


What are some hard songs for the recorder?


What are the basic songs?

that's quite hard ^^;

Was there a soundtrack to the movie Matilda?

Apparently there wasn't one until 2008 which was sadly only a limited edition so it is now very hard to track down for purchase but you can listen to some of the score on

Do we the people have pay for music on iTunes?

So the artist gets money for the songs. It wouldn't be fair if you worked hard on writing an album and getting no money for it. But i do think $1.29 is a little over the top