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What are the songs in Juno?

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1. all I want is you - barry Louis polisar

2. my rollercoaster - kimya dawson

3. a well respected man - the kinks

4. dearest -buddy holly

5. up the spout - mateo messina

6. tire swing - kimya dawson

7. piazza, New York catcher - belle & Sebastian

8. loose lips - kimya dawson

9. superstar - sonic youth

10. sleep - kimya dawson

11. expectations - belle & Sebastian

12. all the young dudes - mott the hoople

13. so nice so smart - kimya dawson

14. sea of love - cat power

15. tree huger - kimya dawson & antsy pants

16. I'm sticking with you - the velvet underground

17. anyone else but you - the moldy peaches

18. vampire - antsy pants

19. anyone else but you - Micheal Cera & Ellen Page

The entire juno soundtrack - enjoy

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What is the song from juno?

There are a lot of songs on the Juno soundtrack, but the most popular, and the one that is known as "The Juno Song", is a song by The Moldy Peaches called Any One But You. It is on the soundtrack as well.

Who plays juno?

Ellen Page plays Juno in the movie Juno

What 'is Hera called in rome?

Hera is called Juno in Latin.Hera is called Juno in Latin.Hera is called Juno in Latin.Hera is called Juno in Latin.Hera is called Juno in Latin.Hera is called Juno in Latin.Hera is called Juno in Latin.Hera is called Juno in Latin.Hera is called Juno in Latin.

Who played Juno in the movie Juno?

Ellen page played Juno in the film

How old is Juno in the novel Juno of Taris?

Juno is supposed to be between 12 and 16.

What was Ellen page's role in Juno?


Is Juno really pregnant in 'Juno'?

No Ellen Page was not pregnant in the movie. It was a fake belly.

Who was Juno the roman queen of the gods and goddesses also known as?

Juno Moneta (Juno the Warner)

Did Leah support Juno in the movie Juno?

yes he did at the end when he finally accepted the baby of Juno

What is the birth name of Juno Temple?

Juno Temple's birth name is Juno Violet Temple.

What three reasons does Juno hate Romans for?

Juno does not hate Romans: Juno is a goddess of the ancient Romans.

How far is Juno from the sun?

Juno isn't a planet

Were did Juno company get there name Juno?

it came from frank

How is Juno spelled like in Juno Alaska?


In the 2007 movie Juno Juno telephone is shaped liked what item?

Juno had a phone shaped like a hamburger.

Where did Juno get her name?

Her Greek name was Hera. The Romans gave her the name Juno. Juno/Hera was the queen of the gods.

Is Kristen Stewart in Juno?

no, that actress (in juno) is Ellen page.

Who was juno married to?

juno was married to Jupiter who was also her brother.

In the movie juno what did juno name her gutiar?

Roosevelt (after Ted ???)

Who plaled juno macguff in the movie juno?

Ellen page

What character did Kristen Stewart play in Juno?

She wasn't in Juno

Why was Hera known as Juno?

Hera is Greek, Juno is Roman.

When was Juno Doran born?

Juno Doran was born in 1966.

When was Juno Records created?

Juno Records was created in 1996.

What was the Production Budget for Juno?

The Production Budget for Juno was $7,000,000.

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