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Well I didnt look up all the songs but at the beginning where Broly comes out of the ice, the song is called Why and its by I.O.N. And I tried looking it up on but they dont have it up there yet.

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What is the song in the movie 'Coming to America' that's playing during the opening credits?

Type in Coming To America Wikipedia on the internet, and down near the bottom of that site it gives information concerning a number of songs related to the movie. One song mentioned is Coming To America - The System. It names a number of other songs on the CD and who sings them.

What are the songs in Dragon Ball Z Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan?

Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, a page on Dragon Ball Wiki, has a list of the music near the bottom of the page under the section called Music.

How many songs are downoaded a second?

100 songs on itunes on average are downloaded a second

What is the duration of Songs from the Second Floor?

The duration of Songs from the Second Floor is 1.63 hours.

What is a movie with songs?

It would be impossible to list every movie that has songs in them, but if you're asking what genre does a movie fall that contains songs, that would be a musical.

What songs were played in the movie seat filler?

What songs were played in the movie seat filler?

Why dhobi ghat movie songs is not available on net?

Because there are no songs in the movie/film.

What new rap songs are there?

The latest rap songs are coming from Young Money entertainment.

Who sang the songs in the movie chisum?

Merle Haggard sang some of the songs in the movie Chisum.

What are the songs from movie sing?

Movie Clip

In the beginning of the movie Shrek which songs is the one that starts the movie?

That depends on which Shrek movie. In the first Shrek movie the beginning song to start it off was "All Star" by Smash Mouth. In the second Shrek movie it was "Accidently in Love" by Counting Crows

What songs are used in the movie jumper?

There were 18 songs used in the movie Jumper. A few of the songs were Sexy Boy, Stompbox, and Move it Around.

Which Hindi film has maximum songs?

RajKoomar is the name of movie. It had the maximum songs. Songs play a vital part in Hindi movie.

What are songs played during the cavs games?

let it rock-Kevin Rudolph ft. Lil Wayne Get Up-50 cent The Second Coming-Juelz Santana

What are some songs played in sweatshop the movie?

Most songs from the movie are by Lucid Dementia and are found on the album The List like the songs F.U.T. and Creep.

What soundtrack songs are in the movie she's the man?

There are 26 songs that are included on the soundtrack for the movie She's The Man. Several of the songs are popular alternative songs, and there are songs from Ray Lamontagne, OK Go, and the All-American Rejects.

Will there be new songs on the movie?

Which movie? For there are many movies out there.

Which songs does the movie Let's Eat Funny Food Songs have in it?

The movie Let's Eat Funny Food Songs has the song the "Most Important Meal of the Day".

What episode that gogeta fight broly in Dragon Ball Z?

well ,this fight never happened during the series or the movies. The only time gogeta fought in dragon ball z is the movie " Fusion Reborn" . But there is actually a scene when Gogeta has a fight against broly. The scene was only from Dragon ball kai opening and ending . So which means the fight never happened but only a scene created for the " dragon soul" and " yeah break care break" songs.

Songs from movie See Jane Date?

I want to know what the name of the songs on the movie Never Back Down.

How many songs are there in the film 3 idiots?

There are 5 songs in 3 Idiots. This movie was one of the best movie. All is Well is one of the movie song.

When was the last song out for Hannah Montana?

There are new songs by Miley coming out from the new upcoming movie called "The Last Song" starring Miley Cyrus and new actors!

In the first movie twilight what songs were not made on the soundtrack or in the movie?

There are numerous songs that are not on the soundtrack but are in the movie. They can all however be found on the Twilight Score Soundtrack.

What songs are in the movie the devil's double?

the devil's double songs list

What disney movie has the least songs?

The Black Cauldron has no songs at all.