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What are the songs on Guitar Hero 3 Nintendo?

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Guitar Hero 3 on Nintendo doesn't exist. == GuitarHero DS was announced in Sept 2007. The game will use 3-D graphics and a new peripheral (still in design) for the Nintendo DS. Release date has not yet been announced.

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Can you play Guitar Hero 3 songs on Guitar Hero world tour?

It depends if the Guitar Hero 3 songs were released as DLC on GH: World Tour. There is no way to directly import songs from Guitar Hero 3 onto World Tour.

What are the titles of the songs in Guitar Hero 3?

You can find a full list of Guitar Hero 3 songs from the Related Links below.

Can you put custom songs on Guitar Hero 3 For Nintendo Wii?

nope, only if modded. that would be the only way

Can you download song for Guitar Hero on the wii?

Not on Guitar Hero 3, but you can download songs for all of the other Guitar Hero games.

How do you download songs for Guitar Hero 3 PlayStation 3?

Go to the question "How to download songs for Guitar Hero 3" i am not sure if you can do it andhow but this will be a very pop. game if u can

Can you download world tour songs for Guitar Hero 3?

Only the Metallica "Death Magnetic" Full Album can be used on Guitar Hero 3 as well as Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero Metallica

What are the games for Guitar Hero 3?

Guitar Hero III was released on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and the PC.

What songs are Guitar Hero 3?


Can you download songs onto Guitar Hero 3 for ps2?

YES You can First: you need to upload your guitar hero settings on the compuer. Second: You can get the music from your computer and put it in the settings and save it Third: You will find the song in bonus songs how do I put the songs on my guitar hero 3 game? for PS2

How many Guitar Hero games are there for the Nintendo DS?

No there is 3 games in all.. guitar hero on tour, guitar hero on tour decades and guitar hero on tour modern hits.. these are all I know off but I believe there is only 3 guitar hero DS games :) Hope I helped Aimee x

How do you make custom Guitar Hero 3 songs on PlayStation 3?

I am not sure but I know you can create songs on guitar hero world tour. I was searching for the same question. I also know that you can download songs already made at the playstation store. (playstation store/addons/disc based games/guitar hero 3)

What is the most popular song on Guitar Hero?

guitar hero 3 is the most popular it has the best songs and the hardest song in all the guitar heroes.

What is the difference of Guitar Hero 2 and Guiter Hero 3?

Guitar hero2 does not support online play for any console. Guitar hero anyway does support online battles (pvp). Guitar hero 3 has better songs and is the first game to have a real -life based storyline Verdict :Guitar hero 3 rocks

Should you buy a Nintendo ds for Christmas or Guitar Hero 3 for Christmas?

DS, mainly because you can get Guitar hero for that console and you can get other games too. Other than that, Guitar Hero 3 is aperfectly decent game to by.

Can you get songs from Guitar Hero 2 onto Guitar Hero 3 and how?

First you need to eat a heaping plate of fecal matter.

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