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Q: What are the songs to Ellie Gouldings new album?
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When is Ellie Goulding's album coming out?

Ellie Goulding's new album Bright Lights is released on the 29th of November. It is already available to preorder on iTunes.

Will green day have another CD?

Yes... There is a new live album out soon with new songs on and maybe a new album with tons of songs on :)

How many songs did snow patrol recorded for their new album?

They finished eight New songs Actually for their new album so they did not Name their new Album Yet cause it's currently Untitled

How many songs are on Paramore's album Brand New Eyes?

Paramore's new album Brand New Eyes has 11 songs.

How Many Songs Are On Demi Lovato's New Album?

There are 11 songs on her album "Don't Forget".

What are Justin Bieber's new songs off his new album?

The songs off of his new album, The acoustic CD are the same as the ones on his other CD's just they are acoustic. The songs are amazing you should get it.

How many songs are on Miley Cyrus new album?

12 songs

Is distrubed making new songs?

yes there will be a new album called Asylum it should have 15 to 18 new songs

How many songs are on demi's new album don't forget?

there are 11 songs

What are Miley Cyrus' new songs for 2010?

Well there are a few new songs in her new album "The Time Of Our Lives", and the songs from that album are called When I Look At You, Kicking And Screaming, The Time Of Our Lives, Talk Is Cheap, Obsessed, Party In The USA and Before The storm.

How many songs does Evanescence have?

Evanescence as sixty-two songs, not counting all of the songs for the new album.

Are there any new songs by david cook?

His only song is available on itunes now is the time of my life. He has no new songs available now but he hopes to make an album soon. His album came out in November and his songs are AMAZING!!!!

What are the songs on Soulja Boy's new album SodFather?

NOT an Album. It was a mixtape but he didnt release it

What are the new songs of Rihanna?

It depends on what album you are looking for...

What songs are on paramores new album?

Maybe Daydreaming

What songs are in Adeles new album?

Someone Like You

What is the name of Selena Gomez's new album?

The latest album from Selena Gomez is called "Stars Dance." Her new album will be released on July 23. The album consists of 12 songs.

Why Soulja Boy ain't making no more songs?

he is making songs, he is working on his new album right now. == == True True his new album is called Back to School coming out this fall

Is the Backstreet Boys still making songs?

Backstreet Boys recently released an album with New Kids On The Block on May 24, 2011. The album, "NKOTBSB", contained a couple of new songs.

What songs did skillet play at creation fest 09?

All of their new songs from their album Awake.

What songs do the Jonas Brothers sing in concert?

Well, the only concert I went to was the one during the "When You Look Me In The Eyes" tour, and they did most of the songs found on the "Jonas Brothers" album, and a few from their new album coming out soon, "A Little Bit Longer". On their new tour, "Burnin' Up"...I'm not sure. They probably do all the songs on their new album. they will sing all of their songs probaley

What is the name of Trey Songs new album?

Trey songz new album is chapter v being released august 21,2012

What is the name of Ludacris' new album?

The name of Ludacris' new album is Ludaversal and features the songs "Jingalin" and "Representin." The album is set to be released in the first quarter of 2013.

What songs are on little boots album?

little boots has alot of different songs on her album.I have her album and i thibk she is the best artist around.My favourite songs are new in town ,remedy and meddle.I hope she makes a second album out because she is so good.

New Michael Jackson songs being released in 2010?

A new album with some of his unreleased songs will apparently be out later in the year.