What are the spanish places names in Trinidad Tobago?

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San Fernando,Santa Flora,Barataria,Mundo Nuevo,Vista Bella,San Raphael,Rio Claro,Sangre Grande,El Dorado,Sangre Chiquito,Palo Seco,Cedros,Las Cuevas,Manzanilla,El Socorro,Cocos Bay,Santa Cruz,Savonetta,San Juan,Diego Martin,Santa Rosa,St.Joseph.
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What influence did the spanish have on Trinidad and Tobago?

food - some methods of cooking were adopted from the spanish religion - catholic clergymen established missions in Trinidad to convert the amerindians to roman catholicism leading to the growth of the religion on the island music - years after Columbus discovered Trinidad, venezuelan immigrant ( Full Answer )

Where is Trinidad and Tobago?

The island nation is in the Caribbean Sea, just off the northern coast of Venezuela in South America. Of the two islands, Trinidad is the larger and closer to Venezuela, and has substantial oil production. Tobago is primarily a tourism location.

What animals are in Trinidad and tobago?

Cats such as ocelot which is commonly called the painted leopardare found in Trinidad and Tobago. Other animals found there includecolorful parrots, the white fronted Capuchin money, Red HowlerMonkeys, and wild boars.

Who is Hasley Crawford of Trinidad and Tobago?

Hasley Crawford was a world class sprinter who has a stadium named after him in Mucurapo. He won Trinidad and Tobago's first ever Olympic gold medal in 1976 in the 100 meter dash.

Who are the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic medalists?

As of the 2008 Games, athletes from Trinidad and Tobago have won 12 Olympic medals (1 gold, 3 silver, 8 bronze):. Gold -. 1) Hasley Crawford - 100 meter dash at the 1976 Games. Silver -. 1) Ato Bolden - 100 meter dash at the 2000 Games 2) Wendell Mottley - 400 meter dash at the 1964 Games 3) ( Full Answer )

Is Trinidad and tobago a nice Place?

yes of course it is a beautiful country because there are a lot of beaches and rivers and even waterfalls. It is a wonderful place there are a lot of sight seeing stuffs to see birds and so on....... more like Caribbean stuffs. you even get to go in the forests on tours and in the ocean there are a ( Full Answer )

Name two female scientist from Trinidad and Tobago?

I suggest that you visit the website set up by the National Institute of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (NIHERST) on Caribbean Icons in Science, Technology and Innovation. You can find it at www.caribbean-icons.org

Names of all religions celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago?

Not sure of all of the religions in Trinidad and Tobago, but I know someone who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS, Mormons) who lived in Trinidad and Tobago. I would also imagine there is a prominent Catholic presence.

Names of constituencies in Trinidad and tobago?

The 41 constituencies are: . Arima, Arouca/Maloney, Barataria/San Juan, Caroni Central, Caroni East, Chaguanas East, Chaguanas West, Couva North, Couva South, Cumuto/Manzanilla, D'Abadie/O'Meara, Diego Martin Central, Diego Martin North/East, Diego Martin West, Fyzabad, La Brea, La Horquetta/Talpar ( Full Answer )

What did he do for Trinidad and tobago?

A. N. R. Robinson was the third President of Trinidad and Tobagoand also their third Prime Minister. He worked for internalself-government for Tobago and he also proposed the founding of theInternational Criminal Court.

Map of Trinidad with spanish names?

balandra , la brea ,san fernando , palo seco ,penal ,dede, santa rosa ,santa cruz ,tortuga ,rio claro , sangre grande ,sangre chiquito .

Spanish foods in Trinidad and tobago?

pastell, arapas,gazpacho......that all i got and am in form 1 and my name is kevin smith and i go presentation collage :D

A map of Trinidad showing spanish place?

The map of Trinidad has places that have Spanish names, but thatonly means that there is a Spanish influence in the country. Onesuch place is the Port -of - Spain, which lies on the North West ofthe country's coastline.

Who is the richest man in Trinidad and tobago?

Based on the information available, Jack Warner is the richest manin Trinidad and Tobago. In 2008, his estimated net worth was 50million US dollars. He has served as the vice president of FIFA andthe Minister of National Security.

How many millionaires are there in Trinidad and Tobago?

Sure no one want to say because there are only dishonest ones, they hide behind poverty so we poor ones will never know, but i know that there is alot, take a drive in the west, the south and even in the east there is alot of millionaires in this little island of ours.

Is Trinidad and tobago in south America?

Trinidad and tobago is not in south America. Trinidad and tobago are in fact islands in the Caribbean. these islands are one country, a republic(1976). so it is called the republic of Trinidad and tobago. it is very near south America actually. Trinidad is just above Venezuela, and tobago is above T ( Full Answer )

Where can and isthmus be found in Trinidad and tobago?

You admit this is homework, so you need to get out your notes/textbook to find the answer to the question. Wiki will not help you cheat. If you do the work now you will get a better grade on your next test. Time to get to work.

How did Trinidad tobago get its name?

T rinidad was the first inhabited island of the Caribbean, settled by Amerindians from South America as early as 5000 BC. They called it "Ieri", the land of the hummingbird. When Christopher Columbus "discovered" the island in 1498 - naming it Trinidad after the three peaks of the Trinit ( Full Answer )

What are the Dutch place names in Tobago?

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What treaties do Trinidad and tobago belong to?

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide . First Geneva Convention . Fourth Geneva Convention . Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance . Protocol I . Protocol II . Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court . Second Geneva Conventi ( Full Answer )

Who was the President of Trinidad and Tobago in 2010?

George Maxwell Richards was the President of Trinidad and Tobago in 2010. He became the 4th President of Trinidad and Tobago on 2003 March 17. He was quickly re-elected by the Electoral College in 2008 for another 5 year term, which ended on 2013 March 17.

What is the name of a spanish dance in Trinidad and tobago?

One Spanish dance that is danced in Trinidad and Tobago is theCastilian Waltz. It is a type of stately dance performed toParang-style music usually by older people. It is most commonlyseen around Christmas.

What are 15 spanish places in Trinidad?

vistabella, sangre grande, san juan, marabella, san fernando, maraval, mt. diablo, arima, vistabella, pointe-de-spana (port-of-spain), carenage, pt. fortein, manzanilla, curepe, tacarigua

What are the names of the Trinidad and Tobago 2012 olympics medal winners?

Keshorn Walcott won a Gold Medal for Men's javelin throw Lalonde Gordon won a BronzeMedal for Men's 400 metres Lalonde Gordon, Jarrin Solomon, Ade Alleyne-Forte, & Deon Lendore all won a Bronze Medal for the Men's 4 × 400m relay Keston Bledman, Marc Burns, Emmanuel Callender, & Richard Thompson a ( Full Answer )

Why the Africans have no places named in Trinidad?

Because of racism and classism. In Trinidad, (Trinidad and Tobago, the correct name of the country) black people are generally of the lower class while the Indians are the upper class. The indians control the the money and have the power so they control even what the places are named.