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2-stroke gas powered saw w/ electronic ignition. 16-24" bar typical, can take other bars. High torque, lower speed saw, circa 1970's to 1980's. Considered obselete for parts and repairs, but many are out there if you hunt for them Correction: later models had electronic but were so labeled, earlier 031av had points.

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Q: What are the specs of a Stihl 031AV chainsaw?
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What type of oil do you use for a stihl 031av chainsaw?

Use regular Stihl 2 cycle oil. You mix it 50:1.

What are the specs for a Stihl 025 chainsaw?

45.6 cc

What are the specs for a Stihl 028 super chainsaw?


What are the specs for a Stihl 029 super chainsaw?

STIHL 029 SUPER 56.5CC 3.8HP

What is the specs of a stihl 034 chainsaw?

56.5cc, 3.0kw, 4.1hp, 13000 RPM.

What are the specs of a stihl 050 chainsaw?

STIHL 050 ccm: 89 PS: 5,8 Kg: 10,7 Bj. ab: 1968

What is the specs of a stihl 039 chainsaw?

the stihl website has all the info you are looking for

What are the specs for a 045AV stihl chainsaw?

Bet you did not think someone would tell you where! I have worked on them years ago. See link below for specs.

What are the specs of a STIHL 031 chainsaw?

go here

How many cc in a 028AV Stihl chainsaw?

How many cc in a Stihl chainsaw

What needs to be changed to go from points to an electronic ignition on a stihl 031AV chainsaw?

You can use the same flywheel but need to put in a complete solid state ignition set up.

Who makes stihl chainsaw?

Stihl make their own chainsaws

When did stihl release the 064 chainsaw?

The Stihl 064AVE was introduced on 1986.

What model chainsaw was used in Texas chainsaw massacre?

Stihl 044

What is the displacement of a stihl 064 chain saw?

The Stihl 064 is a 84.9cc chainsaw.

Stihl 024 specs?

The Stihl 024 chainsaw is part of series 1121. It has a 2.54 cubic inch engine and 41.6 CC displacement. The idle speed is 2800 RPM with 13000 RPM being the maximum speed.

Where can someone purchase Stihl chainsaw parts?

One can purchase Stihl chainsaw parts from the main Stihl website itself. The Stihl website also offers an option to search for stores in one's area that has the particular part one is looking for.

How much does a Stihl chainsaw cost?

A Stihl MS 290 Farm Boss chainsaw costs around $370. This is Stihl's most popular model of chainsaw. It weighs about 17.4 pounds and has 3.8 Horse Power.

What is the price of a stihl ms 210 c chainsaw?

The Stihl ms210c sales for about $290!

What is the best chainsaw?

Stihl Hands Down

What cc is a stihl 044 chainsaw?


What are the Stihl 070 chainsaw specifications?


What is the price of a Stihl 017 chainsaw?


Need stihl chainsaw service manual?

I do? Why do you ask?

What cc is a stihl 041 chainsaw?

67 cc

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