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What are the stages or elements of a plot?

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1) Exposition/Introduction: This part introduces the characters and their personalities.

2) Rising Action: This part helps recognize and reveal the conflicts of the characters to another character or to himself. This also shows the progression of the story.

3) Climax: This Part shows suspense (Turning point) In the novel that suprises the reader.

4) Falling Action or Resolution: this part demonstrates how the character had done accordingly in the rising action. (If we have a rising action we have the falling action.)

Major plot elements would be:

  • Character
  • Conflict
  • Complication
  • Crisis-Climax
  • Change
  • Resolution

There is, however, another school of thought that involves 8 parts of a plot:

  • Point of entrance
  • exposition
  • defining event
  • rising action
  • crisis
  • falling action
  • denouement
  • closure

To be technically correct, a plot can be generalized as "whats going to happen" in a story. All stories are different, and some will have more or less plot points than 5.

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conflict, rising action, climax

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There are no plot elements in The Raven even though it is a narrative poem. Plot elements are in Poe's stories, but not his poems.

all i know is there are 5 stages of a plot and they are the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and the denouement.... i hope that helps.... arigatu guzaymas......( thank you )

You just write what happened in the story. The "Stages" are just a fancy way of organizing the action in the story's plot. If you write what happened in each part of the story, you will cover the stages.

Exposition is the setting of a story.

Major plot elements would be:CharacterConflictComplicationCrisis-ClimaxChangeResolution

Supernatural elements can help advance the plot of a story by creating conflict.

The main stages in a plot graph are :expositionrising actionclimaxfalling actionresolutionintroductionrising actionclimaxfalling actionresolution

The plot is just what happens in the story. It has elements in it but there's no formula like you seem to be looking for.

Plot is simply what happens in the story. You don't need examples, you just need to go read or watch a movie -- pretend you're explaining what happens to a friend and you'll have the plot. Here's a link to explain more about plot and plot elements.

the 5 elements are : Characters, Setting, Plot, Conflict, Theme

Write out the stages of a plot on a paper -- see the related question if you forgot these. Beside each heading, write what happened in the story or book that fits into that category. That's a plot diagram!

Similar plot, theme, or character elements found in the myths of many culturesSimilar plot, theme, or charcter elements found in the myths of many cultures...

felling love loveing fell

They had sex and then died. The end

characters, climax, setting, plot, resolution

plot, characterization, theme and setting..ü

No. The plot is the events that happen in a story. The setting is where those events take place. The plot can effect the setting and the setting can effect the plot. They are separate, but important elements of story.

The 7 elements are: -plot -setting -tone -style -point of view -character -theme

Narrative elements include the setting of the story (time and date), characters and plot.

the elements of a good story are a plot ,the characters ,a theme, conflict ,setting and a resolution

The elements of drama are plot, character conflict, language and idea, and spectacle.

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