What are the stages that formed the moon?


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The moon formed early in Earth's history when a planet-sized object struck Earth. The resulting debris formed the moon.

Quasars formed in the early stages of galaxy formation.Quasars formed in the early stages of galaxy formation.Quasars formed in the early stages of galaxy formation.Quasars formed in the early stages of galaxy formation.

The four primary stages of the moon are: New moon First quarter Full moon Last /Third quarter

the moon has stages because it is orbiting around the earth and reflecting the sun in different ways

The maria's on the moon were formed by meteors slamming into it.

It is believed that the moon was formed from a collision between Earth and really big space debris. When Earth was impacted by this huge debris, the remainding parts fell back into space. The earths gravity kept the remainders floating withing a sustainable distance to create our OH so great moon. In an essence, the moon is just a big lump of earth.

earth was rotating to fast and the elements of the moon flew off of earth and the moon was formed

a half moon is formed when a cloud cover part of it up

after the moon formed asteroids slammed into the moon.

Uranium is formed by stellar nucleosynthesis in the early stages of the universe.

The depressions on the moon are impact craters formed by collisions with asteroids and comets.

When the Moon was formed, the Solar System WAS already a solar system.

the craters on the moon were formed by meteors hitting the moon and the lunar lakes were formed by lava filling in the craters

it is formed by a smashed moon

they are formed by the gravitational pull of the moon

i already said YOUR MOON!~

Coals are formed by plants, after millions of years they become coal.

Maria Were formed on the moon from molten rock but the moon hasn't had volcano's for billions of years.

scientists hypothesize that the moon was formed when a huge object struck earth.

The craters on the moon might have been formed by collisions with objects from outer space.

Moon craters are formed by meteoroids hitting the moon's surface.

Scientists n there theories are uncertain still of how the moon formed about'

the full moon rising is the climax millimeter between the orbit of earth and the changes of the moon stages.

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