Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What are the starting Pokemon in Pokemon platnium?

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they are piplup, turtwig and chimchar.

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You can't find Registeel in Pokemon Platnium. You just migrate it in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, and Pokemon Emerald.

There is no 'platnium', but you can find it on wild pokemon.

you cant catch it in platnium but you can trade it

the most wanted in this houshold is Pokemon platnium

by-Pokeexpert980 The same as PEARL/DIAMOND/PLATNIUM 493

spell you trash 'platnium'=Platinum

There is no Sky City in Pokemon.

There is no item or Pokemon called an anplogionin in Pokemon Platinum.

You have to transfer it from Ranger.

You can't catch a Charmander in Pokemon Platnium, but someone can trade you a Charmander egg or a Charmander and you may evolve it to Charmeleon then Charizard.

the Pokemon platnium gallery is ur pokedex

Number 133 in pokemon platnium is octillery

In Pokemon PLatinum there r in pewter city

No, you'll have to trade it from Platnium. Which in Platnium you find it in the Rock Peak Ruins.

The only Pokemon is Happiny>Chansey.

Pokemon Light Platinum is a rom hack of Pokemon Ruby.

Yes Pokemon platnium is the third game in the generation VI games go to Bulbipedia for more info

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