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Many quick diets involve not eating for a while or eating a lot of a low calorie food, such as popcorn. Most quick diets eliminate only water weight and are therefore ineffective.

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Q: What are the steps for a fast diet?
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Where can I go to get some information on a slim fast diet?

The Slim fast diet is an excellent way to kick start a diet. But before starting a diet please get advise from a Doctor. Heart is the Slim Fast website:

Which are the hardest steps for the Step Diet?

With any diet, you should consult your doctor before starting one, but if you are interested in the step diet, you should excersize caution. The diet focuses more on the amount of steps you take, rather than incorporating proper nutrition with excercize.

What is a fast way to get fit?

Diet and exercise.

Simple steps to lose weight and fat?


Once you unlock this secret of the Slim Fast diet plan there is practically no stopping your potential weight loss.?

The slim fast diet is a must for people dedicated to losing weight. Its a fast, simple, efficient workout and diet solution to keep you healthy for life.

Are there any websites that can help me find 12 steps to raw foods?

This website( great for helping those searching for a raw food diet. It gives 12 steps and suggestion on how and what to eat.

Preparing for a dry fast?

Preparing for a dry fast involves taking certain steps before beginning your fast

What is the difference between balance diet and fast food?

balanced diet is a diet rich in all the nutrients required for our body where as fast food is only rich in few of the nutrients and can be very harmful for the body.

Do you have to change your diet to take slim fast?


What is the synonym of diet?

fast, starvation, dietary, regime

What is the Atkins diet designed to do?

it loss wight fast

Can you drink vanilla slim fast on a no iodine diet?