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Q: What are the steps for refinishing hardwood floors Or any good websites with info?
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What are the steps to refinishing hardwood floors?

First you have to prepare the surface, by cleaning it and removing any objects. Next you must sand the floor. After sanding removing the sanded particles. Then you must stain the floor.

How do you install hardwood on steps?

You don't , you refinish the existing wood steps or buy replacement steps.

How many stairs are in the sears tower?

2109 steps and 103 floors.

What steps do I need to take to work for an antique gallery refinishing and repairing old wooden furniture?

I would like to get into wooden furniture repair. I would like to work for an antique gallery refinishing old furniture. How do I get into this line of work? What should I do first?

How many floors does qutub minar have?

the qutub minar originally had seven floors but the top floor was struck by the lightning and therefore it now has six floors ,five storeys and 379 steps.

How many floors are in the Statue of Liberty?

The statute of liberty has 12 floors until you reach the bottom of her dress. From there, you can only travel up by steps.

The number of steps to the top of the Empire State Building which has 102 floors?

it is 523,623

Are there examples of inclinedplanes in your house?

Steps or Ramps between floors of a house are a form of inclined plane

How many levels are on the Eiffel Tower?

There are 3 floors on the Eiffel Tower and there is 300 steps to get to the first floor!

How many steps are in southern cavern in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue?

Southern cavern has 50 floors

How do you define a staircase?

A staircase is a series of steps consisting of horizontal treads and vertical risers that provides access between floors in a building.

How many floors in the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty is still 22-stories tall // It's 354 steps on a spiral staircase to the top.

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