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One of the most important aspects of your wedding will be your emcee. A good emcee means a good time for you guests. You can hire professional emcees that are very talented and will make your wedding memorable. I found a great website where you can browse wedding emcees to book for your wedding:

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Q: What are the steps in planning a wedding?
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What is wedding planning?

It's planning for your wedding.

What are some places for a wedding planning guide?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. One of the most popular wedding planning sites and guides can be found at The Knot. Also available are My Wedding and Throw a Great Wedding.

What are major steps in planning?

major steps in planning

What are the steps to becoming a wedding planner and what type of education is required?

You don't necessarily have to have a degree or anything like that, but taking event planning courses will help tremendously. You will need to register your wedding planning business at your local courthouse. Then you can begin your advertising.

Which books provide good information about wedding planning?

Entire shelves at bookstores are devoted to books about wedding planning. A few that are highly recommended are The One Stop Wedding Kit, How To "I Do", and Wedding Planning for Dummies.

What are some good wedding planning classes?

Wedding Planning Institute, which is a division of St. Petersburg College. I have read nothing but great reviews on their wedding planning courses.

What are some well known wedding planning websites?

There are many good wedding planning websites. Some of the most well known wedding planning websites include WedSimple, Wedding Window, and Wed Quarters.

Various steps to be taken in Planning?

Various steps to be taken in Planning.?

Is planning a wedding boring?

no but it can be stressful

Are there event planning services in the Knoxville area that can help with a wedding?

There are several places that offer wedding planning in Knoxville. The best option is It has great tips and hints for wedding planning.

What is a lesbian called when planning a wedding?

A wedding planner.

What are the artisans planning for the wedding?

They are planning to put on a play.

Steps of micro human resource planning?

steps of human resource planning

What colleges have wedding planning courses?

I do not believe that there are any college that offer wedding planning courses but check out these links:

How much money is needed to start a wedding planning business?

Costs of starting a wedding planning business A wedding planning business can cost anywhere from $2,273 to $9,237, according to Entrepreneur. Office supplies, equipment, and furnishings, as well as finance, word processing, and wedding planner software and a computer, are all included.

Where can you get wedding planning help?

You should start by Googling "wedding planning. is an excellent resource for wedding planning. One of the main things you will need at your wedding is an emcee and wedding music. Here's a website that easily let's event planners for weddings, like yourself, to browse and book the perfect performers for your wedding:

How do engaged couples split?

By planning a wedding, it is proven statistically that 7 out of 10 couples split while planning the wedding.

Should I become a wedding planner?

A wedding is all about planning and MANAGEMENT. A career in management would definitely give you an edge in starting up your own wedding planning business.

What all goes into planning a wedding?

There are hundreds of details that go into planning a wedding. You must plan everything from clothing to the decorations on the chairs.

How do you write a letter about your wedding planning company?

You can write a letter about your wedding planning company in any way that you'd like. There are no rules.

How do I find information on creating a wedding planning checklist?

There are many wedding planning websites that include checklists, such as the Knot and Real Simple. They have pdf files that you can download and print to create checklists for guests and other details related to planning your wedding.

What is the history of wedding planning?

it is awesome

What are facts about wedding planning?

they do everything!

What kind of college should you go to become a wedding planner?

The Wedding Planning Institute. (phone 1.888.221.9988) The Wedding Planning Institute. 1997 - 2012. A Division of Lovegevity, Inc.

Where can one find detailed information about wedding planning courses?

There are many places where one can find detailed information about wedding planning courses. One can find detailed information about wedding planning courses at popular on the web sources such as Confetti and Cake and The Knot.