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What are the steps in removing a 1968 Chevy pickup steering column and replacing with another original column?


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September 28, 2009 4:11AM

You will need to remove the bolts connecting the column shaft to the power/ non power steering box (under the hood). Disconnect the wiring plug at the base of the column inside the cab. There should be a rubber boot or gasket in the firewall which the column goes through be careful not to damage it, unless you well be replacing it. You should see a thin metal plate held up with 2 bolts which covers another rubber gasket just at the point where the column meets the dash bezel. The bolt heads are facing down towards the floor. Remove the bolts, remove the metal plate, the rubber gasket that the thin metal was covering can be slipped off the column once removed to use on the new column. Finally there will be a u shaped bracket holding the column to the brake and/or clutch mechanism Basically 6-8 inches from the point where the column meets the dash bezel, further down the column They are kinda hidden. So lay on you back with your head towards the firewall, with a light you'll see them. Hope I haven't missed anything good luck 1.5hr job if all goes well.