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The essential elements of any control process are

• Establishment of Standards

• Measurement

• Comparing performance with the standards

• Taking corrective actions

Establishment of Standards is the first step in control process. Standards represent criteria for performance. A standard acts as reference line or a basis of appraisal of actual performance. Standards should be set precisely and preferable in quantitative terms. Setting standard is closely linked and is and integral part of the planning process. Standards are used or bench marks by which performance is measured in the control operations at the planning stage, planning is the basis of control.

Measurement of Performance After establishing the standards, the second step is to measure actual performance of various individuals, groups or units. Managementshould not depend upon the guess that standards are being met measurement of performance against standards should ideally be done on a forward looking basis so that deviations may be detected in advance of their occurrence and avoided by appropriate actions.

Comparing Performance with Standards Appraisal of performance or comparing of actual performance with pre-determined standards is an important step in control process.

Comparison is easy where standards have been set in quantitative terms as in production and marketing. In other cases, where results are intangible and cannot be measured quantitatively direct personal observations, inspection and reports are few methods which can be used for evaluation. The evaluation will reveal some deviations from the set standards. The evaluator should point out defect or deficiencies in performance and investigate the causes responsible for these.

Taking Corrective Actions Managers should know exactly where in the assignment of individual or groupduties, the corrective action must be applied. Managers may correct deviations by redrawing their plans or by modifying their goals. Or they may correct deviations by exercising their organizing functions through reassignment or clarification of duties. They may correct, also, by additional stapling or better selection and training of subordinates.

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Q: What are the steps involved in management control process?
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