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Not to discourage you but I recently changed my wires twice in the last year. If you still have the factory wires they should pull right off, I have the SC400 which should be similar. You have to remove the spark plug wire covers this may require disconnecting some vacumn hoses so remember to mark both ends to ease in the replacement. You will have to remove the peice of plastic that covers the distibutor. I recommend replacing on spark plug at a time so the the wire don't get out of order. When you first go to pull off a plug wire rotate it clockwise about a 1/4 of a turn then pull it off. This help break the seal. The new plugs are gapped at the factory so unless you see damage to the protective cardboard you should be ok. The recommended installation is to start them without the ratchet run them all the way in by hand to prevent cross threading. After they seat turn them 1/2 turn by ratchet. Good luck. If you need to replace the wire read the following.I had replaced my wires with the Oreilly store brand $66 with life time warranty, they are next to impossible to remove, I had to chisel them off! Go ahead and spend an extra $30 and get the BorgWarner wires for $90 you will be glad you did.

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โˆ™ 2005-12-08 19:00:41
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Q: What are the steps to changing the sparkplugs on a Lexus SC 300?
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