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What are the steps to remove and then replace the transmission on a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?


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2006-11-15 23:18:41
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1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Properly drain the transaxle. 3. Remove the air intake duct. 4. Disconnect the TV cable. Remove the shift cable and bracket. 5. Tag and detach all necessary vacuum lines and electrical connections. 6. Remove the power steering pump and set aside. 7. Remove the transaxle filler tube. 8. Install engine support fixture J 28467-A or equivalent. 9. Remove the top engine-to-transaxle bolts. 10. Raise and safely support the vehicle. 11. Remove both front tire and wheel assemblies. Remove the left splash shield. 12. Remove both front ABS wheel speed sensors and the harness from the left suspension support. 13. remove both lower ball joints. 14. Disconnect the stabilizer shaft links. 15. Remove the front air deflector. 16. Remove the left suspension support and both drive axles. 17. Disconnect the engine-to-transaxle brace, then remove the transaxle converter cover. 18. Remove the starter 19. Unfasten the flywheel-to-torque converter bolts. 20. Disconnect the transaxle cooler pipes. 21. Detach the ground wires from the engine-to-transaxle bolt. 22. Remove the cooler pipe brace and the exhaust brace. 23. Remove the bolts from the engine and transaxle mount. 24. Support the transaxle with a suitable jack. 25. Unfasten the transaxle mount-to-body bolts. 26. Remove the heater core hose pipe brace-to-transaxle nut and bolt. 27. Unfasten the remaining engine-to-transaxle bolts, then remove the transaxle assembly from the vehicle. 28. Place a thin film of GM part no. 1051344 or equivalent grease on the torque converter pilot knob. 29. Move the transaxle assembly into position with the jack while installing the right drive axle. Make sure to properly seat the torque converter in the oil pump. 30. Install the lower transaxle retaining bolts in their proper positions, as shown in the accompanying figure. 31. Install the transaxle mount-to-body bolts as shown in the accompanying figure. 32. Install the engine and transaxle mount bolts. 33. Fasten the exhaust brace and the cooler pipe brace. 34. Connect the ground wires at the engine-to-transaxle bolt. 35. Attach the transaxle cooler pipes. 36. Apply adhesive/sealing compound GM part no. 12345493 or equivalent on the flywheel-to-torque converter bolts, then install the bolts. Install the converter cover/shield. 37. Install the starter. 38. Fasten the engine-to-transaxle brace. 39. Install the drive axles and the left suspension support. 40. Fasten the front air deflector. 41. Connect the stabilizer shaft links and the lower ball joints. 42. Install both ABS wheel speed sensors. 43. Fasten the left splash shield, then install the heater core pipe brace nut and bolt. 44. Install the front wheel and tire assemblies, then carefully lower the vehicle. 45. Install the top engine-to-transaxle bolts. 46. Remove the engine support fixture. 47. Install the filler tube. 48. Install the power steering pump assembly, then adjust the belt. 49. Attach the electrical connections and vacuum lines, as tagged during removal. 50. Install the shift cable and bracket. Connect the TV cable. 51. Fasten the air intake duct. 52. Connect the negative battery cable, then fill the transaxle to the proper level.


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* Remove the front bumper fascia * Unplug the horn electrical connector and remove the bracket bolt

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You must first remove the trunk door facia. (This is the part with the "Pontiac" lights in it.) Then you can get to the bulb to replace it.

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This is a big job. You're going to want a shop manual that gives you all the required steps and photos. Haynes or Chilton will probably do just fine.

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