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Yes, be sure and drain the radiator. I just replaced my radiator for the 1st time and was initially advised it would take an hour or so and that it should be easy (from a guy at Auto zone where I bought the new radiator for 100.00). 6 hours later, I have a new respect for auto mechanics. Since this was my first, I was only armed with a crescent wrench, some pliers and a socket wrench to work with. Also, I didn't realize that there were hook ups under the radiator such as a hose, (2) oil inlets .. not sure what they are- but it looked like oil came out after I loosed them up. So, I had to take the fans off and get underneath the car to unscrew/loosen the bottom bolts that hold the fans to the radiator body. But, before I could get to these bolts, there is a plastic shield under the front of the car that I had to take off to access the bottom hose, oil inlets and fan bolts. It was difficult to maneuver around and get to these nuts- this is what took so long. Those pesky electrical wires for the fan were also a bit troublesome to disconnect. The clamps that secure the hose lines are a bitch if you don't have the right tool- don't even know the right tool. I literally had to perform acrobatic movements with some needle nose pliers to move the claps. Overall, it is a pretty basic procedure .. but not for the faint of heart.
basicll you drain the fluid by the screw (aka drain cock) take the hoses off and 2 brackets on the top of the radiator. (one on each side)that should be about it give or take a couple of bolts. It pretty much common sense if you take your time. I hope I helped you out.

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Q: What are the steps to replace the radiator of a 1996 Honda Accord?
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What steps do you take to replace the radiator in a 1991 Sunbird?

call birdman

What are the 1998 Honda Accord 2.3l head bolt torque specs?

They need to be torqued to 22 lb.ft and then turn them 180 degrees in 2 steps start from the center and work out. Read more: 1998 honda accord 2.3L head bolt torque specs - JustAnswer

How do you replace starter 95 Honda Accord?

Remove the negative battery terminal from the battery first, then remove the wires from the back of the starter. Now remove the two bolts holding the starter in and remove the starter. Reverse these steps for installation.

What steps do you take to replace a Radiator on a 1990 Toyota Corolla?

At they'll provide you with diagrams and instructions. First look for the item, in this case a radiator, and the list will appear along with a link on how to removal and install.

How do you replace a radiator on a 1986 1995 Taurus Sable?

given that you have general knowledge on socket tools/wrenches. all you need to do is locate the drain pipe usually on the bottom or bottom side of the radiator. make sure its fully drained so you dont make a big mess. take off the fan cover. locate the bolts holding the radiator in place remove said bolts. remove said radiator do steps in reverse to replace. congratulations you replaced a radiator!!! well done. p.s dont for get to refill the radiator ;)

How do you install a radiator 2000 mercury mystique 2.0 liter engine?

There are 11 steps on how to change a radiator in a 2000 Mercury Mystique 2.0 liter engine. Some of the step-by-step instructions are to first squeeze the hoses to check for deterioration, if the hoses are swollen replace them, and then replace the hose clamps.

How to replace a spark plug on a Honda Accord?

Remove your spark plug wires one at a time to not cross wire them and use a 5/8 spark plug socket usually(if to small13/16) with an extension and rachett to turn use plug counter clockwise and remove your plug. To install simply reverse these steps

What are the steps to install a towel radiator?

The steps that are necessary to install a towel radiator vary depending on the model of the radiator and the space that you're looking to install it in. For the most accurate instructions, consult the instruction manual for your particular radiator, or contact the radiator's manufacturer.

How do you change the timing belt on your 1992 Honda Accord?

Honda AccordHow do you change a 1991 timing belt for a Honda accord.. Just as many other people have stated, if you have to ask it's probably a bad idea to try it yourself. These are interference engines and if you install it incorrectly and spin the motor over you just bought a new motor. You should bring it to a professional. If you do decide to try it yourself then I would go to the nearest auto parts store and get a Chilton's manual. You will need the pictures to properly explain a few of the steps required to properly install the new belt.

How do replace head light high beam bulb for 2000 accord v6?

Just replaced the headlights in my 2000 Accord. Very easy to do. Look in the owner's manual. The steps for replacing both the low and high beams should be shown. Hope this helps!

How do you replace the radiator on a 1996 Dodge Stratus 4-cylinder 4 door front wheel drive car?

You have to drain the coolant either from the radiator drain or disconnecting the lower hose. You then have to disconnect/unbolt the electric fan. The coolant hoses at the radiator needs to be disconnected. Lastly the radiator needs to be unbolted, then lifted out. The new radiator can be installed the steps reversed, coolant topped off and bleed of any air.

How do you replace a 1992 Toyota pickup radiator?

first drain all anti freeze out of your radiator then undo fan shroud. Next you will have to undo radiator hoses supply and return, then undo the four bolts holding the radiator in once bolts are out just slide it right out the top. TIP: when putting radiator hoses back on or taking them off spraying WD-40 inside the hoses will make putting them back on or taking them off easier. To put radiator in repeat steps backwards.

How do you change thermostat in 88' Chevy c2500?

Drain the radiator. Remove the top hose, and the water inlet. Remove the thermostat from under the inlet, and replace it. Reverse the steps to finish the installation.

How do you replace a radiator fan on Honda CR-V 1998?

At the risk of going into a much too detailed list of steps: Take a close look at the fan itself. It is mounted with only a few bolts and an electric line. If you feel capable of changing it by yourself, you should also be capable of figuring out which bolts and which electric line to disconnent and reconnect.

How to remove the radiator support in a 1994 Honda civic?

Answer ittake the one bolt out at the top by the cap and pull it out of the rubber bushings on the bottom THIS ANSWER IS NOT CORRECT! they asked how to remove the radiator support, not just the radiator.Remove everything, bumper, wires, headlights, etc etc. cut or drill all the weld out and knock it off! reverse steps to replace.CAUTION! this is a huge support of the vehicle and body alignment. if you've never done it before don't try it! take it to a shop and have them do it so they can align the front end how it needs to be done. Hope this helped!

What steps do you take to correctly replace the entire radiator on a 1997 Acura TL?

1.drain engine coolant 2.remove the upper and lower radiator hoses, and the atf cooler hoses 3.disconnect the fan motor connectors and ect switch connector 4.remove the radiator upper brackets, then pull up the radiator 5.remove the fan shroud assemblies and other parts from the radiator install the radiator in the reverse order of removal set the upper and lower cushions securely fill the radiator with engine coolant and bleed air

What are the steps to change a 94 Honda Accord transmission from automatic to manual?

This is a very complex and envolved process. Unless you had a donor car available for the switch, it would be cost prohibitive. Even with a donor car this is a very daunting switch. Clutch, and brake pedal must be changed. The computer would need to be reprogrammed. My advice would be to forget this and just sell or trade you existing A/T Accord and purchase a Manual Accord.

How do you remove a water pump from a VT1100 Honda motorcycle?

To properly remove and replace the water pump you will have to remove the engine. There are certain steps to remove engine Haynes manual is a very good resource.

How do you replace the water pump in a 2004 Jeep liberty Sport 2.4 Liter 4 cylinder?

There are fourteen steps on how to replace the water pump in a 2004 Jeep Liberty Sport 2.4 liter 4 cylinder. Some of the step-by-step instructions are set the drain pan underneath the radiator's drain plug, drain the radiator, and then use a wrench to twist the radiator plug counterclockwise.

Why can't you clear the maintenance light in your 1999 Honda Accord?

To clear the maintenance light; steps to take: With the ignition off, press the trip and reset buttons at the same time and hold, turn ignition on, hold for about ten seconds until it goes out. Dilemma solved.

How do you change the water pump on a 2001 gmc Yukon Denali?

There are several steps to changing a water pump in a 2001 GMC Yukon Denali. You must first make sure the engine is cool, and drain the radiator of coolant. You will then need to remove the air duct and housing. You will also need to move or remove the radiator hose, radiator fan shroud, serpentine belt from the alternator, water pump pulley, and old pump gasket?æto access the water pump. You can then replace the water pump, and then replace the parts that you removed.

How to replace concrete preformed steps?

Jackhammer old steps and put rubble in dumpster. Have new preformed steps delivered and emplaced.

How do i replace front brakes on Honda CRX?

1. remove wheel 2. remove caliper 3. remove pad 4. replace pad 5. replace caliper 6. make sure everything is tight 7. replace wheel 8. do steps one through 7 on other side if i where you i would not replace the brakes by your self if you seriously had to ask 1. remove wheel 2. remove caliper 3. remove pad 4. replace pad 5. replace caliper 6. make sure everything is tight 7. replace wheel 8. do steps one through 7 on other side if i where you i would not replace the brakes by your self if you seriously had to ask

How do you replace odometerspeedometer in 1994 Honda civic with a newused one?

Follow these steps.

What is the first thing to check or replace on a 2002 Sentra that overheats when fan and temperature sensor working properly?

Check the coolant levels in both the radiator and its reservoir. Check that the radiator cooling fins are clean enough for air to pass. Make sure the hoses are not kinked or bulged. Make sure there is a fan shroud equipped. Replace the radiator cap (should be replaced every few years anyways and they're fairly cheap). Check the weep hole on the water pump, if you see any sign of coolant leakage from it, it probably has failed or will soon, replace it. Then start the more involved steps if none of the above applies. Drain the rad. Remove the upper and lower rad hoses and check the hoses and all visible orifices for obstructions, replace if necessary. Replace the thermostat. Replace the water pump if it is determined that it is not functioning.