What are the steps to replace the right side half axle on a 1996 Dodge Avenger with an auto transmission?

Jack the right side of the car up. Take the wheel/tire off. Remove all brake components, undo the pin over the big nut on the drive shaft, get a big enough socket to fit on the drive shaft nut, back the nut out. Pull hard to remove the half shaft. Line the new half shaft up, shove hard as hell to put it back into the transmission, reassemble. Drive and listen for noises. Jack up both the left and right sides of the car, place jack stand on each side, and insure that car is secure. 1) remove the right front wheel 2) get a 1 1/4 inch socket and break bar and you will also need a torque wrench that will go to 180ft/lb for reassembly 3) remove cotter key retaining axle nut to the axle shaft, ask a friend to hold the brake while you break loose and remove the nut. 4) try to push in the axle shaft if it pushes in the continue to number 5, otherwise go to 13). 5) remove the two 17mm bolts that retain the brake caliper, and support the caliper so that it doesn't hang by the brake line( don't want to replace it to do you) 6) remove two 22mm nut holding the two bottom ball joint to the steering knuckle. 7) remove the cotter pin and the 17mm nut that retains the outer tie rod end 8) using a ball joint separator and a tie rod separator break the 2 ball joint and the 1 tie rod loose 9) swing the steering knuckle off of the axle and out of the way 10) using a pin punch or other suitable rod drive the inner C/V joint out to towards the wheel, it may take several hard blows to break it loose but the it will come out easily 11)before reassembly check the condition of the wheel bearing as this is the time to replace it if it needs to be replaced 12) to reassembly just reverse the disassemble described above 13) if you can not push the axle in , then it is frozen to the hub, this can be a bear to get apart, if so do go back to number 5 and do everything else down to number 8) at number 8 also remove the 17mm nut holding the upper ball joint in place and also separate that joint, continue to remove the axle as described and then remove the axle and the steering knuckle in one piece, you will have to suitably support the steering knuckle while driving the axle shaft out of it I was able to you a seasoned piece of oak and a 10lb sledge hammer, but I would suggest taking it to a garage and having it pressed apart, the balance of the reassemble instruction are the same just reverse the disassembly instruction. NOTE, be very careful on cars with anti-lock brakes there is a sensor on the steering knuckle that can be easily damaged