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What are the steps towards filing bankrupt?


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Good question. There is a common misconception that bankruptcy is simple to file for and everyone who does so gets approved. In reality, neither of those are true. Successfully completing a bankruptcy proceeding can be a difficult process. However, there is a good deal of work you must do before you can file for bankruptcy.

First, you are required to complete a "means test." This is a complicated calculation that determines your ability to pay your creditors. It also compares your financial status to the average person in your area. If you pass this means test, you are allowed to file a Chapter 7 claim in Bankruptcy court - otherwise, you can only file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy claim.

The next step involves undergoing credit counseling. Bankruptcy law requires that you complete this counseling before going through the bankruptcy process.

Finally, you can file for bankruptcy. In addition to filing, you must submit a bundle of paperwork with the Bankruptcy court. This paperwork includes information about your income, debts, assets, and personal information.

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By filing a BK petition in your local BK court.

Just the filing fee which is around 300.00.

Bankruptcy IS debt relief. After filing bankrupt, you HAVE no more debts. No credit, either, but that's the way it works.

Your bankruptcy has noting to do with your tenant. If you were not filing, he would still owe you the rent.

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You can apply for a credit card immediately after filing for bankruptcy. You are more likely to receive a secured credit card after filing however. If you can wait 6-12 months after filing, you will have a better chance of receiving a positive response.

You can open a bank account immediately after filing for bankruptcy. There really is no waiting period.

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If filing a federal bankruptcy, federal BK exemptions apply. If filing a state bankruptcy, the state's exemptions apply. A few states allow the debtor to choose either state or federal filing whichever is the most beneficial to the debtor. Bankruptcy Action,

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You still owe the balance after the insurance money is paid, if there is a balance. You can only get rid of it, along with your other unsecured debts, by filing bankruptcy.

There are several websites which offer information on the subject of bankruptcy. Some of the most popular include Going Bankrupt, Nolo and Legal Match.

No! Most definitely not. Bankruptcy is not an allowable defense against a charge of income tax evasion. However, if what you meant to say is whether or not you can avoid paying delinquent taxes through the filing of a bankruptcy petition then the answer becomes yes, with certain limitations and rules.

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