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The stereo wire colors on a 1988 Toyota Camry are similar to other Toyota models. The radio constant 12v+ wire is blue/yellow, the radio switched 12v+ wire is gray, the ground wire is brown, and the illumination wire is green. The radio power antenna trigger wire is black/red. The left front speaker wire (+) is pink and the left front speaker wire (-) is purple. The right front speaker wire (+) is light green, the right front speaker wire (-) is blue. The rear left speaker wire (+) is black and the rear left speaker wire (-) is yellow. The rear right speaker wire (+) is red and the rear right speaker wire (-) is white.

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Where is the radio antenna located on a 1979 Olds delta 88?

the radio antenna for the 79 delta 88 is behind the stereo there is a blue wire labeled antenna

How do you hook up an aftermarket stereo to an Oldsmobile delta 88?

buy a wiring kit and a mounting kit. wire and mount done

Is the wires for the radio the same in the 98 Toyota Camry that they are for the 88 Toyota Camry?


Is the wiring in the Camry the same from the years 88 to 98?


The fuse for my stereo in my 1993 olds 88 keeps blowing what is a short how do you find the short and what does a short look like?

a short is a cut in a wire and it will probally be behind the fuse panel if its for your radio.

What kind of trans fluid for 88 Camry?

Dextron 3 with mercon....

Your brake lites don't flash when you press the breaks in my 88 Camry?

If both do not work look to the fuses.

I have removed the stereo in my 88 jag replaced it with a Sony now it will not start?

What won't start, the Jag or the Sony?

Where can you find a fuse diagram for a 1988 Toyota Camry?

I recommend calling up a dealer. they should be able to pull up the diagram in their system, and can probably email it to you. i had to do the same when i needed the stereo wiring diagram on my 1990 camry. good luck! 88 has fuse in 2 places under hood and driver side kick panel, hood has them printed on top of box and kick panel has them printed on bottom of cover

What color is the trigger wire on a 1989 Jeep Sahara tachometer?

On the 88 jeep the trigger wire at the tach is blue.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1987 Toyota Camry?

I did an 88 recently. facing the engine it is on the left. Follow the hose from the radiator.

Did 88 89 90 91 Toyota Camry all have the digital dash option?

Yes. Optional on the LE

How many quarts are required to fill an 88 Toyota Camry transmission?

The 1988 Toyota Camry transmission has a fluid capacity of 6.3 quarts. You can check the transmission fluid level with the transmission fluid dipstick.

How do you wire up a distributor from a 1982 Oldsmobile 88 350 ci?


Where does the black wire go that is coming out of the igniter on a '88 rx7 13b?

I don't believe it goes anywhere. I have the same unplugged wire.

Placement of the number one plug wire 88 Chevy 350?

check out this link

You need the wiring diagram for the stereo system in a 88 Plymouth sundance.?

go to it will have all the wiring diagrams for any car.

What year did romex wire come out?

The exact year that Romex Wire came out is not listed on their website. However, they do say that they have been selling the wire for over 88 years. I have found the year 1926

Can you do a computer diagnostic on your Camry?

Yes, you can do a computer diagnostic on your Camry. For the 88 to 91 Camry there is a diagnostic plug near the drivers side strut tower, under the hood. When you connect the E1 and TE1 terminals and turn on the key you can count how many time the engine light flashes and correspond with the codes. You will need the repair manual for this.

How do you install a factory stereo from a 94 Chevy Corsica into a 88?

Sometimes you have to cut the dash hole bigger. I suggest you take it to aomeone willing to tackle it.

How do you wire a CD player to your 1988 ford bronco 2?

go to crutchfield or walmart and buy the adapter harness for you wiring and follow the directions. Answer i just put in a CD player in my 88 bronco, like the other guy said get a wiring adapter it will make all the speaker hook ups easy. however mine didn't come with anything for the power when i looked up the wiring diagram it was wrong, but i figured it out the wires from your new stereo will have a yellow wire which is the constant power and connect that to the yellow/black from the bronco im pretty sure that's the right color which ever is the fatter gauge. then your going to have an allumintation wire and the accessory wire coming from the bronco but the new stereo will only have a red for the accessory power since this is an older truck you need to connect the allumination wire and the accessory together or else your dash lights will no longer work. i know this cause when i put the stereo in my 85 ranger i didn't connect them and never had working dash lights

How much will it cost to replace the clutch on a 1989 Toyota Camry?

parts and labor three hundred dollars yes and no. Depends if its a V6 or an AllTrac from 88-91 Camry also had an AllTrac model(AWD) with manual transmission also as a V6 with a 5 speed.

Check engine flashes on a 1997 olsmobile 88?

misfire .. probably bad spark plug wire.

Where is the starter motor located on the 1999 Oldsmobile Delta 88?

it is in the front of the engine follow the + wire from battery

88 Toyota Camry - automatic transmission drives but won't go in reverse?

The reverse band is broke. The others will soon follow as a rule of thumb.

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