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An insurance policy for persons who have agreed to buy mutual fund shares in a periodic payment plan. If the policyholder dies before he/she has finished buying shares on the periodic payment plan, the insurance policy will purchase the remainder of the shares the policyholder agreed to purchase

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Q: What are the stipulations of an or definition of contractual plan completion insurance?
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Is certificate of insurance binding?

No, there is usually some stipulations to a certificate of insurance - such as the premiums must be paid.

What is a CLIP?

It is an acronym for Contractual Liability Insurance Policy.

What is contractual liability insurance?

Contractual liability insurance is something purchased to protect a person entering into a contract, when that contract means that they agree to be responsible for any liability.

What is broad form contractual liability?

Contractual liability insurance that covers liability transferred in a wide variety of business contracts.

What is the meaning of insurer in life insurance?

The Insurance company which provides insurance coverageunder contractual obligation with the insured, is called the Insurer in insurance parlance.

Does renter insurance cover your gun?

You should check with your insurance agent. Different companies/policies may have different stipulations.

What is contractual adjustment?

A contractual adjustment is made by the billing department in a hospital in order to charge a patient's insurance company. The result is that the patient is not responsible for payment.

Why is insurance billing important to the medical office?

So the healthcare provider can be reimbursed his contractual amount from the insurance company for his services.

What is the definition of supplemental insurance?

The definition of supplemental insurance is additional or extra insurance that you can get to help pay for out-of-pocket or services that your regular insurance will not pay for.

If the patient brings in a private insurance form that is not group insurance where do you send the form after completion?

The Health Insurance Claim Form

When a secondary insurance allows more than primary allowed can you keep overpayment?

If I'm not mistaken, and I could be wrong, when the secondary insurance allowes more than the primary, the primary contractual adjustment is voided and the contractual obligation of the secondary should be applied. This will cause the balance to be zero when the adjustment of the secondary is the reflecting contractual obligation. That is how I was taught and it does make sense.

Are there any stipulations in a life insurance contract where the widow cannot marry while receiving death benefits?

No life insurance contracts in this state carry any stipulations that the widow can not marry while receiving death benefits. It is however possible to do that underneath a trust. You simply must choose the correct instrument.

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