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Q: What are the stock speaker sizes for a 1996 Honda accord?
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What are the stock speaker sizes for a 98 accord?

If it is the rear speaker it is 9 x 6 Ovals for the Honda accord coupe 98. should be similar for the sedan.

What is the stock speaker size in a 1991 Honda accord?

6.5 fron and rear

What are the front and rear speaker sizes on a 2009 Honda Accord?

6.5" all the way around, 8" stock sub if you have the 7spkr, tweeters are 1" i believe in the front

How do you install speakers into a 94 Honda Accord that has a srock wiring harness?

You can buy a speaker harness. An adapter that connect the positive and negative from the speaker into the stock harness.

Your speaker stopped working on my Honda accord 1998?

I'd check the speaker wires although my first suspicion would be the old, stock speakers. Do they rattle or emit no sound at all?

What is needed to raise a 95 Honda Accord back to stock height?

stock springs

Stock speaker sizes on a 2000 Chevy Camaro?

thank you

How do you remove the stock CD player from a 1993 Honda Accord?

The 1993 Honda accord, I believe, does NOT have CD Player. It only have cassette and radio player.

What are the Speaker sizes for a 2003 Ford Mustang coup?

What are the stock speaker size in a 2003 mustang v6?

How do you remove a stock stereo from a 2001 Honda accord?


Whatever Honda could get cheapest when they ran out and had to order more.

What is the stock speaker size front and rear of a 2002 Honda civic dx?

The stock front speaker size on a 2002 Honda Civic is 6.5 inches. These speakers are located inside the door panels of the vehicles.

What are the stock speaker sizes front and rear 2004 avalanche?

6.5 inch

What are the stock speaker sizes front and rear of a 1994 Mitsubishi mirage?


Can a 18 inch 2011 maxima stock rims fit a 2003 Honda Accord ex?


What speakers are stock on the 19 92 Honda accord lx?

6.5" front and back

Stock horse power for 2000 2.3l Honda accord?

150 at 5,700 rpm

How much hp does a stock 1994 Honda accord lx have?

not much around 120

What are the stock speaker sizes of a 1998 Chevy S10?

4X6 in the Dash, 6.5in. in the doors.

What are the stock speaker sizes for a 2005 ford excursion?

6x8 or 5x7 they are both the same

Honda Accord car radio does not work?

A common problem for many stock radio is a blown fuse. Find the fuse in the cabin of the Honda Accord and check it's connections to see if it is not burned.

What are the sizes of the front and rear stock speakers in a 2002 Chevy Z71?

go to and they should tell you the speaker sizes for your vehicle.

What is the stock door speaker size on a 2000 Honda civic lx?

The stock front door speaker size for a 2000 Honda Civic LX is 6 1/2 inches. The rear deck speakers are 6 by 9 inches.

What are the stock speakers size of a 2012 Honda Accord se?

Front and Rear 6.5 Inch

What are the stock speaker sizes in your 2000 Chevrolet Suburban you want to replace the speakers but you dont know what sizes they all are?

Waht are the stock size for all speakers in a 2000 suburban, 4X4?