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What are the structure of turbo c?

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structure is a collection of heterogeneous stores these datatypes into contiguous memory allocation

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Do I need structure of turbo c plus plus?


What is the differentiate of turbo c from turbo c plus plus?

Turbo C compiles c source. turbo c++ compiles c++ source code.

How turbo c executes c as well as c?

turbo c cannot execute c++ as well..since c++ is the superset of c .the cprograms can be compiled in turbo c++.

Syntax of turbo c?

+ += - -= * *= / /= % %= = == != <= >= & && | ^ ~ << <<= >> >>= , [] () are the basic operator in TURBO C

What is the basic syntax of turbo c?

+ += - -= * *= / /= % %= = == != <= >= & && | ^ ~ << <<= >> >>= , [] () are the basic operator in TURBO C

What are the basic operator in turbo c?

+ += - -= * *= / /= % %= = == != <= >= & && | ^ ~ << <<= >> >>= , [] () are the basic operator in TURBO C

Parts of turbo c plus plus program?

Turbo c c++are weak lapa

What is difference between Turbo and Borland C?

turbo is word to do the programming language in c & c++ and i do no about borland

For loop in turbo c program?

Yes, you can use for-loop in a C program compiled by Turbo C.

Is there any difference between turbo c and c plus plus?

turbo c is a compiler and c++ is a programming language.

What are the example of TURBO C?

1. Turbo C is an example of Integrated Developing Environment. 2. Turbo C has example programs, the most important is bgidemo.c

What is the history of turbo c plus plus?

Borland Turbo C++ Version 1.0 was released for MS-DOS and OS/2 in May 1990 while version 1.01 was released in February 1991 for MS-DOS. The next version would combine Turbo C with Turbo C++, but since Turbo C version 2.0 had already been released (in 1989) Turbo C++ 3.0 became the next version, released in November 1991. Turbo C++ 3.0 for Windows was released shortly after, at which time Borland split the product into two, with Turbo C++ aimed at hobbyists and Borland C++ aimed at professionals. Turbo C++ v3.1 was followed by version 4.5 but, in 1994, Borland switched to C++ Builder and all work on Turbo C++ ceased. In 2006, Turbo C++ was briefly revived as a stripped down version of C++ Builder, but Embarcadero finally took over development in 2008 and Turbo C++ support was finally dropped.

Who develop the turbo c plus plus?

The company Borland developed Turbo C++.

Constance of turbo c and examples?

just try to read books about turbo c

Turbo c is system software?

is turbo c is system software or application software?

Does turbo c and c?

Turbo C is an old variant of the C language, called Turbo because it compiled very quickly compared to the other compilers of the day. It is / was a full featured C language, if that is what you are asking.

Why turbo c language is called turbo c?

Turbo Pascal and Turbo C were early programs written by Borland for the IBM PC. They were compilers for Pascal and C, respectively, that ran much faster than other compilers for those languages at the time. Thus they were named Turbo because they were fast.

What is turbo-C programming?

turbo-c is a compiler made by borland (which no longer makes compaliers). programming in turbo-c is as programming in standart c with the restrictions of turbo-c compiler. today more commonly used is the gcc note: turbo-c also has a full ide where gcc is a compiler only, which you can use with a separate ide such as notepad++ or eclipse.

What is turbo c plus plus?

Turbo C++ is Borland's integrated development environment (IDE).

Differentiate C plus plus and Turbo C?

Turbo C is a software where C or C++ programming environment resides in.But C++ is itself a programming language.

To develop a taj mahal using c-language programming in turbo c plus plus?

turbo c

Who invented the turbo c?

Dennis ritchie Correction: Turbo C was originally based on Wizard C by Bob Jervis

What are the turbo c components?

Borland Turbo C came with an editor, compiler, linker and debugger, all of which were tightly integrated into the Turbo C IDE (integrated development environment). The professional version also came with standalone versions of the Turbo Assembler and Turbo Debugger. Note that Turbo C is 27 years old. As such it is redundant. All Borland development tools are now owned by Embarcadero. Turbo C is now classed as "antique".

How to make simple c program in turbo c?

a simple program in turbo c: main() { println (" Hello this is simple program of c Long. "); }

What has the author Eric P Bloom written?

Eric P. Bloom has written: 'The Turbo C++ trilogy' -- subject(s): C (Computer program language), C++ (Computer program language), Turbo C (Computer file), Turbo C++ 'Turbo C Plus Plus Trilogy' 'The C trilogy' -- subject(s): C (Computer program language)