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What are the styles of letters?

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Styles refers to the choices that are made when creating a letter. What kind of text formatting will you use? The three main styles are Block, semi block, and modified block. This refers to how the lines appear on the page.

Block will appear with all sentences aligned with the left margin.

Semi Block can have the salutation aligned with the right margin, and the body of the message as in block.

Modified block can have the salutation and the signature line on the left, and the body of the message as in block.

There are other things to determine in the style of the letter. Do you emphasize words by using bold or italics? There are many such choices when composing a letter, capitalization, use of commas versus indentations, etc.

There are many different kind, you have to make them the way you want them. There's Italics, Bold, Bubbles, Flowers, Balloons, Cursive and more!

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