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Say things like: beautiful, gorgeous, pretty. Try not to say hot or sexy as much, because it makes them feel like you love their body, not them.

Some words I would love to be called by a guy are amazing, gorgeous, perfect. Do remember though, how you say it is really more important than what you say- words are technical, but you want to convey real emotion, if you want her to really feel the love. Look at her eyes with such intent and praise. don't think about the technicalities if you can. How you make her feel is really what matters.

Girls like to hear guys call them beautiful instead of hot or cute. It's way more mature. We love it when you compliment us on everything. We also love it when you say things like 'I am the luckiest guy in the world to have you' ''You're awesome.' and things like that. Be creative but not too pushy

Anyway, find out what the girl likes, and use those. Don't overdo it though.

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Q: What are the sweet words that all girls like to hear?
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Do guys like girls who seem sweet?

They like girls that are sweet. If they just seem sweet they usually turn out not to be.

What do girls like to hear you feel about them?

us girls like to hear something sweet like...your good at _________ or your cute or wanna ummm do ummm something together Friday after school. we understand wat ur getting at and we like it most girls like you to ;just go out there and say you like them. Just ask them out.

Why dont girls like the sweet guy?

I like sweet guys!

What can you text a girl to make her like you?

Text her sweet things. Like "i really like hanging out with you" or "you are really pretty :)" if you compliment her she will probably like you more because girls like to hear compliments :)

What do boys like girls for?

they like girls because girls are so sweet and are there for them when something goes wrong and if they need girls we're there

What kind of girls does harry like?

He likes girls that kind and sweet and that like to play jokes

I am a sweeter guy i help girls if they ned help im not tall macho or like a football guybut why dont girls like sweet guys?

I like sweet guys. Maybe you aren't into the right kind of girls.

What kind of girls does diggy simmons like?

Sweet and kind hearted girls

Does Nathan kress like black girls?

he does like black girls long as they nice sweet kind like as a personality

Does Kellan Lutz like sweet girls?


What does a captain like to hear?

captains like to hear the words: "Yes Sir"

What do girls like more in a boy?

most girls like boys that are sweet , kind , romantic and respect full

What type of girls does Princeton like?

sweet,down to earth, has a nice smile,and sweet + caring

Why does this girl hate you after she asked you out and you didnt answer?

well girls like to hear what they like to hear... she is probably aggravated and embarrassed

What do guys like to hear from girls?

That they are funny and pretty.

What kind of girls does James Maslow like?

fun,funny,sweet,and romantic girls who are confident.

Does Joe Jonas like girls who are funny and sweet?


What to do if the girl asks if we forgot her?

say "of course not... how could i?" its sweet, and girls like sweet:)

What does 'and like her most whose merit most shall be' from romeo and Juliet mean?

Capulet is talking to Paris, and is inviting him to the party. He tells him to check out the girls. "Hear all, all see, And like her most whose merit most shall be" As usual, there is some turning around of the words and some words omitted for the rhythm's sake but this boils down to "Hear all [the girls and] see all [the girls] and like her [the] most whose merit shall be [the] most"

What type of girl does Nathan Kress like?

he like girls that are like me a sweet little pie!

Do mindless behavoir like jamaican girls?

any kind of girls did hear the song mrs.right

How can you make a girl like you just by a discussion over the phone?

If you tell her the things she wants to hear. Girls like to hear the truth.

How can you get all the girls to like you?

Be a sweet guy..all girls love that. Speak to them and make them laugh ;P

What compliments do grade 8 girls like to hear that makes them melt girls answers only?

I like your hair,shirt,or outfit

Do teenage girls hear?

Although it may not seem so, yes teenage girls have ears-so they must hear. Usually, teenage girls pretend they dont hear because they dont like what the speaker is saying. If you are trying to get a teenage girls attention say your sentence sweetly and calmly.