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What are the symptoms of ADHD?


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Symptoms include:

  • Often fidgeting with hands or feet, or squirming while seated.
  • Having difficulty remaining seated.
  • Having difficulty awaiting turn in games or group activities.
  • Often blurting out answers before questions are completed.
  • Having difficulty in following instructions.
  • Having difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities.
  • Often shifting from one uncompleted task to another.
  • Having difficulty playing quietly.
  • Often talking excessively.
  • Often interrupting or intruding on others.
  • Often not listening to what is being said.
  • Often forgetting things necessary for tasks or activities.
  • Often engaging in physically dangerous activities without considering possible consequences.
  • Being easily distracted by extraneous stimuli.
  • Often fails to give close attention to details.
  • Often makes careless mistakes in schoolwork, work, or other activities.
  • Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities.
  • Often becomes easily distracted by irrelevant sights, sounds and extraneous stimuli.
  • Often does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores, or duties in the workplace.
  • Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities.
  • Often avoids tasks, such as schoolwork or homework, that require sustained mental effort.
  • Often loses things necessary for tasks or activities, like school assignments, pencils, books, or tools.
  • Often is forgetful in daily activities.
  • Rarely follows instructions carefully and completely.
  • Often does not seem to listen when spoken to directly.
  • Often show little or no restrain in controlling their emotions
  • Often becomes immersed in an activity they enjoy

Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, is hard to define due to the fact it encompasses so many differing symptoms. The common traits are usually difficulty to pay attention due to being distracted easily, forgetfulness, inability to process future implications of actions and low or underweight, lean bodies. In some cases, though, instead of distractions being harder to avoid, people will hyperfocus, or not be aware of anything at all but what they are doing, and oftentimes obsess when making conversation. Many cases are in between. The problem falls in the fact that it encompasses such a wide range, there are intermediate cases and unique cases. A link between add and children's depression is theorized due to medications that treat add sometimes causing depression. It also goes the other way around.

Hope this helps, and for more information try finding a good psychologist or psychiatrist and ask if you think you may have it.

ADD is when you cant focus and you don't pay attention all the time when you are suppose to. your mind wanders all the time and you can hardly sit still. you space out a lot more then normal and you have a hard time keeping friends.

Impatiences also is very common.

Here are people answering and sharing their experiences about ADD:

  • I always had a hard time keeping my house clean and organized. I was always cleaning but not getting much done. You know, cleaning in one room and having to go to another room for something and then start cleaning in there...etc...etc...before you know it, not much of anything is done. One day I just said forget it. The messier it got, the more depressed I got and was totally unable to do any cleaning because of the disorganization. I found that if you have ADD, its best to rid of all clutter and I mean all. It makes a world of difference. I told my mom about this, about how it's hard for me to clean because it's so "confusing" and she laughed. She can laugh all she wants cause she has it too, but won't admit to it.

    My dad used to ask me if I was doing drugs, which I wasn't.

    I will turn on the news to watch the weather only to find myself watching the sports since I had "taken a mind trip" for about 15 minutes. This happens quite frequently. I can even think about the fact that I may do this when I turn on the news so I try to pay attention and It still happens. It's crazy!

    I make lists for everything too but can't find them most of the time.

    For years I purchased over the counter ephedrine at the gas stations. This made me feel as normal as possible.

    I didn't know that I had ADD but I knew that I was different from most others and often have a hard time keeping friends, boyfriends, jobs or anything else for that matter...loosing lots of stuff.

    When I get on the Internet all holiness breaks loose cause I can have 20 screens open at a time, going from one topic to another, jotting down notes incessantly.

    I really thought I was crazy until I was diagnosed. I was 39 when diagnosed. My daughter has been diagnosed as well. She is 16 and I'm so glad that she won't have to go thru her life thinking she is "less than" because of this condition.

  • I recommend this website: Medical Information. Lots of information here, including symptoms, a screener, etc.
  • Also search for "ADHD" at these other sites: Mayo Clinic and Merck.
  • Frustration, frustration and more frustration! I can't seem to finish anything. Even if I make a list to remind myself I lose the list or forget to take it to the store. I have ideas racing through my head and I am very ambitious, but never accomplish much. I then get depressed and feel hopeless
  • When I was in grade school, I was always running around, even when my teachers forced me to sit down. I was always causing trouble, constantly forgetting to complete and hand in assignments, always daydreaming, and there wasn't a single week that went by without me staying behind for punishment. I had no friends, and my classmates all made fun of me, calling me "the different/naughty kid", and due to my ADHD, I had a very short fuse and always got into fights, getting me into deeper trouble.
  • Now, in High school I switched from Ritalin to Concerta, a slow release medication which works wonders. I have better organization, have plenty of friends and a better grip on my emotions. However, I do occasionally drift off, and my short fuse does go off sometimes (the subject of my annoyance or frustration is usually a slightly annoying girl that has a slightly annoying crush on me) , but I try my best.

Hyper-focus: ADD is less a deficiency of attention than the inability to regulate one's attention mechanism.

This is discussed in the book "Driven to Distraction", which I read per my doctor's recommendation. The book describes one almost contradictory symptom of ADD called hyper-focus. It is when one focuses on some task or item of interest to the degree of forgetting everything else going on. It tends to be a very enjoyable state of mind, losing yourself in some enjoyable activity so to speak. The ability to hyper-focus (without stimulant medications) is one of the distinguishing traits of ADD or ADHD. Typically this symptom is present in most people with ADD, myself included. The problem is it tends to occur at random or at least with little conscious control. Whereas having the ability to switch this on and off at will would make for much less of the disaster area (speaking for myself only) that ADHD causes.

It would be unusual for an adult to suddenly get Attention Deficit Disorder as it is usually something that happens in childhood and carries through to adulthood. Adults with ADD / ADHD struggle daily with self-regulation, regulating their attention, regulating their impulses in talking and action, and regulating their emotions.

But this condition needs to be diagnosed by a doctor as there are other disorders that have similar symptoms
you get hyper
You are extremely hyper all the time, get distracted really easily, and like to talk ALOT. Those are the basic symptoms of ADHD.

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Usually the signs of ADHD appear before the age of seven. The child has trouble focusing, does not pay attention to details and has trouble following instructions. The child is not organized and does not finish what he starts. The child tends to misplace homework, books, toys and other items.