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clicking when turning.

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How can you tell the front bearings are going out on a 2000 grand am?

"clicking" when taking turns -- indicates CV joint is going bad

What causes a vehicles tires to wobble and make grinding noises that worsen when you turn right?

On Front Wheel Drives, when the CV Joint is going bad it will do this because the joint is not wearing out and when turned you get a clacking sound. I believe it is the CV joint opposite of the way you turn that is bad.

Honda CR-V front end clunking noise?

It COULD be a constant velocity joint (CV joint) going bad.

Does a bad CV joint make a noise when car in neutral?

Yes it does if the car is moving. Because the CV joint is part of the axil if the car is moving the bad CV joint will be moving too. or No it will not make noise if the car is in neutral and the car is not moving.

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee makes noise when backing up and turning sharp intermittently what is it?

It sounds like a CV joint is going bad. Check under the front of the vehicle for a torn CV joint boot. Often times these tear and allow dirt into the joint making them go bad.

Why does your car make a noise when turning?

Could be, Air in the PS system, Loose/worn PS belt, PS pump going bad, CV axle joint going bad, Wheel bearing going bad,

Why do you hear clicking in your wheel when you steer?

Bad CV joint.

How do you replace bad CV joints on a 97 Dodge 1500 4X4?

Sounds like a bad CV joint. On most cars, it is often more economical to replace the complete axle shaft on that side that has a bad cv joint. Hope this helps. Good-luck!

Why does car shake on acceleration when turning?

Assuming this is a front wheel drive vehicle, a CV joint in one of the halfshafts is going bad.

What are the symptoms of a bad cv joint?

A Clicking or grinding noise coming from the front end. The best way to test your CV joints is to drive backwards in a tight circle (wheel completely cranked) you should be able to tell which side the noise is coming from if it is bad.

How do you determine if the CV axle is bad on a 1998 Saab 9000?

Look at the outer CV boot. If it is torn, dirt and water have already gotten into the the CV joint and it will most likely need to be replaced. The indication that a CV joint is going bad is that it will click-click-click-click when making a turn. Generally the left side will make the noise in a right hand turn and vice-versa. -- Wink

How can you tell if the CV joint on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee is going bad?

I think you mean axle shaft joint. A crunching noise, especially when turning corners suggests bad axle shaft joints.

Is it cv joint or cvc joint?

CV (Constant-Velocity) joint

How do you diagnose a constant velocity or U-joint problem?

When a constant velocity (CV) joint is going bad, you can hear an audible "clicking" noise when you turn the steering wheel. When a drive shaft u-joint is going bad, you will usually feel/hear a "clunk" when accelerating and/or coming to a stop,

Why would grease leak from the front drivers side cv joint on a Mazda 626 with manual trans?

The CV joint boot is bad, and needs to be replaced.

Can a bad cv joint make noise going straight or slowing down?

Yes it can, and if it is, trust me this just happened to me, you got to fix it as fast as possible. If you just blow it off you can be looking at some dire consequences. 1) The CV joint can abruptly fail and you will lose all drive power, if one CV joint goes your differential will NOT power the other wheel. 2) if you are driving at a good click, the RPMs on the CV joint will cause it to fail and the CV joint will tear up the inside of your engine. 3) In rare occasions the failure could cause one of your wheels to lock up and you will lose most if not all control of your car. Moral of the story is do not drive any long distances from your house on a bad CV joint unless you have money to blow on a tow. You can buy a replacement CV joint at any Auto Parts store for 75-125 dollars, I advice to get one with a lifetime warranty. DO NOT DRIVE ON A BAD CV JOINT!

What are the symptoms of cv joint?

Snapping and cracking noises especially under acceleration and while turning.

What would cause a 2001 Honda hrv awd to make a strange noise when turning slowly?

Sounds like you might have a Constant Velocity Joint (CV joint) going bad.

How do you know when your cv joint is bad?

I think you mean axle shaft joint. The usual symptom of a bad axle shaft joint is a crunching noise when turning corners.

What are the symptoms of bad you joints and CV?

CV joints will make a clicking sound when you take sharp turns, the clicking noise will come from the outside wheel during the turn. Hence if you make a right hand turn the left CV will "CLICK" and vice versa. A u-joint you should feel just as much as you hear. If you have a FWD you most likely do not have a U-Joint, but if you have a AWD,FWD or RWD you will have a u-joint.

What are the symptoms of bad CV joint in a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

A clicking sound either when you are driving or when you make a turn. The Clicking sound will come from the outside wheel during turns, such as if you turn left the right cv will generally make the noise.

2004 pilot rear right thump noise?

Bad CV joint.

Why does your car pop when you turn left?

very possible a bad cv joint .

What causes a thumping noise while turning left in my truck?

Could be a bad tire, loose lug nuts, wheel bearing going bad and if the truck is a 4 wheel drive it could be the front axle CV joint going bad.

93 suburban 4x4 has a clicking noise when turning?

Souinds like a bad CV joint in one of the front axel shafts, If it clicks when turning hard right then it will be the right outer CV joint. If it clicks when turning to the left then it's the left outer CV joint.

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