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They would be the same as a normal preganncy: nausea tender breasts increased vaginal discharge missed period

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Q: What are the symptoms of an accidental pregnancy after you've had your tubes cut tied and burned?
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What are the symptoms of pregnancy after tubes are clamped?

what are the symptoms of pregnacy when youre tubes are clamped..will it show on a pregnacy test

Is pregnancy possible after having your tubes burned and cut?

Most likely not

Had my tubes burned in 1996 could i be pregnant?

you could have an ectopic pregnancy

If you had your tubes cut tide and burned can you get a reversal?

Yes, reversal surgery is an option, there are no guarantees of pregnancy.

What are pregnancy symptoms if your tubes are tied?

If tubes were tied correctly, you shouldn't get pregnant at all. That's the point of getting them tied. If something went wrong and you still got pregnant, then symptoms would be the same as any other pregnancy.

How can you reverse tubes that are burned?

There is a reversal surgery that some women attempt, depending on the condition of her tubes and age. There is no guarantee of pregnancy following the reversal surgery.

What are the chances of pregnancy if your tubes tied 10 years ago you are almost 3 months late all the symptoms of pregnancy?

The chances are zero as the tubes were cut, and there can be no chance of the sperm meeting the egg.

How accurate will a home pregnancy test be after tubes are cut and burned?

If ytou are pregnant the tubal ligation won't make any difference to the pregnancy test.

I had my tubes tied but I haven't had my period in 2 months and have pregnancy symptoms can I be pregnant and could I have the baby?

I believe your not able to have a baby after you've had your tubes tied.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy if you had your tubes tied and suspect that you may be pregnant?

Most of the time it will be a tubal pregnany with a lot of pain.

Can you still get pregnant if you had your tubes cut and burned 6 years ago but are having pregnancy symptoms?

Hi there! I just called my doctor today and asked the same questions. He said YES it's just a matter of stretching the tubes to reattach them and it'll be like new again, I'm thinking of trying it myself.

How would you know you're pregnant after having your tubes burned six years ago and are the symptoms the same as before?

Yes, the symptoms are exactly the same. There is a much higher risk of a tubal pregnancy, so if you have any pain go directly to the emergency room and tell them you think you are pregnant after a tubal ligation.

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